People read reviews of your company before utilizing your products or purchasing your services. They consider both positive and negative feedback while deciding whether to become your next client. But what should you do if you receive negative Google reviews? Is it possible to remove a Google review? We’ll explain how to delete Google reviews from your Google Business Profile on this page. Additionally, we’ll outline steps you can take to delete negative Google reviews without actually deleting them.

How To Delete Reviews That Other People Have Left On Google?

Google doesn’t allow businesses to remove unfavorable reviews since all comments positive and negative help to uphold authenticity. When determining whether to buy something, people look to reviews for guidance. The only time you might be able to have a negative review taken down is if it doesn’t follow Google’s rules. 

You can delete a google review if it violates any of the review guidelines:

  • Specifically Posted Spam Content That Harms Rankings
  • Unrelated Postings Posing As Reviews
  • Promotion Of Criminal Behavior Through Unauthorized Content
  • Terroristic
  • Sexual Content
  • Vulgar Or Offensive
  • Harassment

How To Remove Google Reviews That Are Fake Or Violate Google’s Guidelines

Google will first verify that a review is legitimate before taking any action if you believe it to be fake or to be against the rules. The actions below can be used to report a false Google review:

  1. Access your Google Business Profile.
  2. From the menu on the left, select “Reviews.”
  3. Choose the option for a fake review.
  4. In the right corner, click the three-dot bar.
  5. Simply select “Flag as inappropriate.”

You can send Google the reviewer’s comments by following this procedure. Then, Google can evaluate it to determine whether the review is fake or unsuitable. Contact Google directly if you’re searching for a more simple method to get rid of phony Google reviews. Find “Support” in the menu on your Google Business Profile dashboard.

From there, Google is reachable by phone, chat, or email. By using this option, you can contact Google more quickly to have the review deleted. If the review is based on an actual user’s experience, Google won’t delete it. You can still request to have it removed if it’s a valid review that wasn’t intended for your business.

Keep in mind that 86% of customers will be reluctant to make a purchase from a company with bad reviews.

Trust in your brand is the same as trust in your reviews. Positive reviews, according to 72% of consumers, increase their trust in any company. Therefore, you should always strive to obtain only favorable client feedback.

Deleting unfavorable Google reviews is more difficult to remove than a section of text. If the reviews are sincere, you should use a different strategy to get them removed. Finding the reviewers and making an effort to address their concerns is one of the best things you can do. Do you want bad reviews to never have an impact on your company?

Let’s look at six methods you can use to remove other people’s Google reviews.

1.      Respond to Reviews Quickly and Politely

Your first instinct might be to lash out at the individual who posted the poor review when you first see it. Being passionate about your business makes it simple to become incensed when others criticize it. But refraining from responding adversely is the first step in dealing with bad reviews. If you respond poorly to a review, it will only harm the reputation of your company. People will consider your company to be unprofessional. Because you don’t accept issues with your goods or services, it also makes customers doubt your business.

Don’t respond adversely to customer comments to stop more bad Google ratings. Remember that negative reviews can occur and are not the end of the world! It’s normal to see both positive and bad reviews. When you have both positive and negative ratings, people are more likely to believe your profile since it seems more authentic. People wouldn’t believe the remarks were genuine if all of the reviews were only five stars.

People care about the bad things that happen to other people, but they care more about how you manage those bad things. So, take a deep breath and get ready to respond constructively to the bad feedback. Keep in mind that there are effective practices for handling critical reviews.

2.      Analyze the Reviews

Start by analyzing the review if you want to learn how to delete Google reviews. Check first to see if the reviews are real. Many times, customers or competing companies who have never purchased from your company will leave you misleading reviews. Additionally, you can receive reviews from clients who are not even intended for your business.

You should take the appropriate actions to report and flag false reviews if the reviews appear to be fake. To determine whether a review is authentic or fraudulent, evaluate the content. Google removes fake reviews in five to twenty days. It’s possible that many people who check your profile during that time won’t realize the reviews are fake. You should make sure the people who are complaining are paying customers. You can quickly evaluate those customers’ experiences if you have a record of what they have bought from your brand.

Recognize the scenario as it is described in the unfavorable reviews. Read the details so you can quickly create an honest response to their reviews. You can compose your responses after evaluating the negative Google reviews. Keep in mind that by appeasing the reviewer, you are also revealing to potential customers how you handle unhappy clients.

3.      Draft a Direct and Genuine Response

Writing an honest response is the next stage in the process of eliminating other people’s Google reviews. Make sure your clients feel heard. Be precise in your response while still recognizing their issue. It’s also best to answer these reviews as soon as possible. 

Normally, you should respond to a bad review within 24 hours of it being posted. To give a prompt response demonstrates a commitment to giving the finest possible customer service. If you don’t have the time to devote to answering reviews, Use review management systems. It keeps track of all your reviews, both favorable and negative, and replies to both. 

For a sincere and direct response, stick to these measures if you decide to handle review management independently:

  • Acknowledge the complaint.

Start by taking ownership of the claim if you want to learn how to delete Google reviews left by other people. Don’t try to deny that it happened or that its validity is in question. Customers will simply grow more skeptical of your business if you don’t own up to the issue.

  • Apologize

Apologize, even if it wasn’t your fault, for the unpleasant experience. Don’t accuse or place the responsibility on the reviewer. It goes a long way in erasing negative Google reviews and turning them into positive ones to apologize for the defective product or bad experience.

  • Offer A Solution

When customers have a bad experience, they want your business to respond. Consider providing a solution to the reviewer’s issue if you want to learn how to delete negative Google reviews.  You must present options for resolving the issue, whether it be a reconciliation or a solution.  Follow up on your solutions when you give them!

4.      Fix the Situation

Make the necessary adjustments if you want to learn how to get rid of bad Google reviews that hurt your company. Because it frequently entails evaluating your process, products, or customer service to make adjustments, this stage is the trickiest for businesses. It can be difficult to acknowledge when your company is to blame for a problem, but if you consistently receive bad feedback regarding the same problem, it’s time for a change.

Assume you run a gift shop where you sell personalized mugs. Customers purchase them and constantly comment on how special and distinctive your personalized mugs are, but the print eventually fades. If numerous consumers report having the same experience, you should analyze and upgrade your products. You will ultimately save time by using this method. In this instance, upgrading your personalized mug to have durable print results in fewer unfavorable reviews and, possibly, more sales. Because it results in a better customer experience and a stronger bottom line, therefore investing in improving your processes or products is definitely worth it.

If you provide services, the same procedure applies. If customers consistently complain about your pricing in reviews, you may need to change the way you display pricing to customers and on your website.

5.      Be Proactive About Your Reviews

If you wish to remove unfavorable reviews from Google Local searches, you must keep track of your reviews. If not, you won’t be able to get rid of negative Google reviews. Regularly check local listings to see if you have any fresh reviews. Your brand reputation might be improved if you are diligent about receiving reviews. People will appreciate that you take the time to discuss and resolve their problems. Your proactive attitude motivates past unsatisfied clients to revise their reviews. They will believe they are preserving the market reputation of your brand when they value your concerns.

Staying vigilant and responding fast to problems enables Google to remove reviews that emphasize the flaws of your company. Although you won’t be able to eliminate all negative reviews with the use of this tactic, it does help turn dissatisfied customers into satisfied ones.

6.      Send a Legal Request to Google

Last but not least, you can use this advice to remove negative Google reviews for your company, but it only occasionally works. If a review is unconstitutional, Google assists users in sending a formal request to have it removed. To report a fake review, go to the “Content Removal Tool” and select “Google My Business.” Google investigates you about the review and the exact information you complain about in the subsequent sections.

The legal notice copy Google receives “may be sent to the Lumen project for publication and annotation,” according to Google. Additionally, they mention issuing a legitimate notice to the accused violator or rightsholder (if they have a reason to suspect the validity of your complaint). The identical details from your notification can also be included in their Transparency Report.

 The world’s largest search engine takes your complaints seriously and for good reason. One of these reports may contain allegations of wrongdoing or unlawful activities. Google must make sure you have a number of complaints you want to submit through this process. You must file a separate complaint about each Google service where the item is displayed.