In both major platforms namely the App Store of Apple and the Play Store from Google, there are quite a few million mobile apps available for you to download. However, the biggest worry of most of the mobile app owners are the tips to boost app download and to increase the audience engagement. These applications are coming under numerous niches. There are gaming apps, health apps, finance apps, and many more. Some of them are for free while you have to pay for the others.

As businesses look forward to thriving, it has currently become a necessity to have their own mobile application. This would make businesses more discoverable and easier to approach and access. Therefore, if you a small business owner, make sure to tick this box while creating a marketing strategy.

But now, the competition at the App Store and the Play Store is very high as most of the companies have launched their own mobile app. So, how you can make sure your mobile app stands out from the rest? How can you boost the app downloads? Well, there are plenty of tested and proven ways. In this article, we are going to give away few Promising Tips to Boost App Downloads & Audience Engagement. Read on. 

5 tips to Boost App Downloads & Audience Engagement

In this article, we will be discussing the top 5 tips to boost app downloads & audience engagement such as launching your website and blog for the app, performing the mobile app optimization, use social media promotions, perform e-mail marketing and make use of paid search ads. 

Let’s check the tips. 

Launch a website and blog


Having a mobile app is good. But if it’s quite a task to find it, what’s the purpose of even having it? Therefore, linking your mobile app to a blog or a website is a great idea to expand its reach and boost app downloads. This is a perfect method to target your potential customers. 

The era where you went to the library searching for the solutions is over as now, the solutions for all your issues are available on the internet. Therefore, when you are available on the internet, you are discoverable for millions. 

A blog is recommended because you can highlight the importance of your application via blog posts. For example, suppose your app is an e-commerce app. You could write or ask someone to write a blog post on “Why e-commerce apps are the future?”. This will grab the attention of readers and they might not bother even to check your app out.

This article explains on how to create a website

Optimize the application

This is one of the first and the basic things you have to do. Your mobile app should be worthy to be downloaded. Isn’t it? Then only the people will feel free to give some space off their mobiles. When people see your app in the App Store or the Play Store, the first things they notice are the app name and the icon. Make sure they are intriguing and not dull. Nobody will hesitate to download a well-designed app to meet their particular requirements. 

The performance of an app comes under optimization as well. When your app is bug-free and convenient to use, the word of mouth would spread via feedback. This will definitely boost app downloads and audience engagement. 

Think from a user’s perspective. As a user, would you be comfortable to use your own app? If the answer is a “no”, you should work on its optimization.


Use social media platforms to promote and boost app downloads


Social media has evolved from a place to spend your leisure time to a perfect place to promote anything you wish for. Why not market your app over there and try to establish a better communication channel with your potential audience? The number of social media users exceeds 3.5 billion at the moment. And the researches have proven that close to 70% of the companies are leveraging social media to market their mobile apps. So, the sooner you start using this tactic, the better it is.

The process of marketing your app on social media starts from, identifying your audience and where they are. For example, if you are a fashion store, your audience is mostly on Instagram. If you are promoting a CRM tool, the chances are high for your audience to be on LinkedIn. For video editing apps, TikTok could be your gamechanger. 

Then you can start utilizing the free marketing tools offered from those platforms. Hashtags are a feature that is used widely by marketers to promote their apps on these social media platforms. Most importantly, all these platforms have their own ad networks. If your app does not violate any of their guidelines, you can use them to boost app downloads and promote engagement. Another positive is that the advertising costs on social media are way low when compared with Google. 

Make use of E-mail Marketing


E-mail marketing is regarded by many as the most impactful marketing strategy available. A study has proven that the average ROI that email marketing could generate is about 51USD. 

On your website, you can create a signup form and ask your visitors to fill it out if interested in your services. This process will filter you the audience who are most likely to purchase your services or products. 

It is important not to spam their inboxes with irrelevant emails. Send them relevant content and information always. Send out a welcome email during the onboarding process. Keep them engaged with your brands as much as possible. eventually, you can prompt them to install your app on their mobiles. 

Running Paid Ads on search engines

Would you believe that close to 10% of the app downloads are driven by web traffic? Therefore, it is worthy of getting a spot-on search results via paid advertising on the search engines. 

Most of the users are indeed finding your app through searches on the App Store and the Play Store. But trust me, optimization itself is not enough to encourage more downloads. That is mainly because of the high competition existing. Therefore, search engine ads can give you that exposure you are sought after. It is worthy, as more than half of Google’s traffic is through mobile devices. Therefore, paid ads could be considered as a good strategy to boost apps downloads and audience engagement.


Day by day, the number of mobile users is increasing. Apps are now necessary for businesses to maintain a good rapport and communication with their loyal audience and to reach out to new clients. But with the growing competition is the pp marketplace, you can utilize these tips to boost app downloads & audience engagement.

Tectera, one of the leading mobile app developers in Sri Lanka wish you all the best for your new mobile app’s launch and optimisation.