How to increase traffic to your website? Where is your website traffic coming from? How to improve google search ranking? If nobody finds your website that means it’s useless having a website. There won’t be any leads from your website, and no one would also remember if they came once. The stats show that the user mostly clicks only the website on the first page. Moreover, the client gives more attention to the first website on the first page and less to the others. So even, being second and third can also decrease the amount of traffic on the website.

You might think there are other ways that you increase traffic by improving social media, releasing a lot of content and videos. By investing in google ads and PPC to improve your advertisement and get people. These are also few technics you can use, but the best thing about Search Engine Optimization is that the work that you produce in this would last long for a huge time. So let’s see the few ways that we can boost your SEO ranking.


Research your keywords and publish content

Keywords are a very important part of Search engine optimization; these keywords are the information that customers will search for. These are the information that your customer needs to know and how they want it. For example- web design companies in Sri Lanka, e-commerce website companies. There would be around 50 to 100 companies who make websites but only a few would appear in the front and customer chooses the first few and analyze stuff and choose one company. Certain customers think that any website after the second page is not a trustable company.

There are few keywords how your customer would search, and they expect an answer for the questions. It might be difficult for a bit to create backlinks immediately and come up on the google page. It will take a bit of time and there might be fluctuations which it will be going up and down due to the competition in your market.

The main thing that you should understand is that the URL, headings don’t have much influence over the keywords. Content is the most important part of the search engine rankings. Repeat your keywords in the content much as possible in the above and middle and below the content. But make sure that you don’t overdo it and keep it natural.

Furthermore, update your content regularly. If the user doesn’t see anything new on your website every time, he visits it’s not going to be interesting for the user to come again and look. Most of the companies update their keywords on the website and the blogs they release. lets check on next strategy on how to improve google search ranking

Improve your page loading speed

You might think why is this important to boost your SEO ranking. Think a customer comes to your website and search for information and every page they click, it takes a long time to load each page. Which the amount of customer frustration also increases. The chances of customers leaving the website are also greater than staying on the website. It would increase your bounce rate and not much of your organic traffic.

These are negative interactions that will affect your ranking too. Do you know what’s more shocking? that 70% of visitors don’t return to your website again. Make sure that the images are optimized, and you upload quality images with alt text. This would help you to bring traffic to the website when people search for images, and they might choose your image and login to your website which would also bring you organic traffic. lets check on next strategy on how to improve google search ranking.

Optimize your website according to mobile devices

The number of people searching for information from desktops and mobile phones is higher than the other devices. But it’s rising fast that people search more information on mobile devices. You might have a good website with greater content and if your website is not optimized according to the mobile that means your losing a greater potential customer and the amount of traffic on your website. It is a fact that your website can go down in the SEO ranking at a lower level.

Make sure that anything you uploaded to the website that it is compatible with your phone also. The one main disadvantage most companies has is that when they announce any advert through mobile and sometimes it’s very hard for the customers to close the pop-up. Moreover, when you upload a form make sure you include little details to be filled in. If the questions are clustered, it would be very hard to make correct according to your mobile phone. lets check on next strategy on how to improve google search ranking.

Build links to your keywords and websites

Social media and Google Ads usually link to your website, but do you know there are other certain ways that you link your website. The few things that you can link are by creating content and publishing on other websites. For example- Your company has achieved something or you have done CSR that you are looking for media coverage.

You can write an article about the achievements and you can link the article to your website which is published in new websites. The best web designing company in Sri Lanka is the key text and you link your website in this line and people would click this and have a look at your website.

The other way you can build links is by referrals, maybe you completed a project for one of your users or any sort of help. There are two different that usually happen. The first way is that a person sending your company link to other people and shows your work, and they click on it.

The second way is by writing a review of your company on social media and another relevant platform. This can boost your SEO rankings in a major way and the number of sales that could happen is also more likely. You could also use internal links in your blogs and the content you release from your website. lets check on next strategy on how to improve google search ranking.

Track your website

This is a major important thing to be focused on after achieving the above four strategies to boost your SEO ranking. Understand your business by google analytics, you should see the results of your page and how much traffic is coming, which posts are they mostly watching, how much are the bounce rate, and the country that customers visiting the website.

This is where you mostly see how the website performs and you create your strategy. You can get a report for each month and you can analyze the monthly performance on how is the traffic coming to your website and which content has lower traffic. If you think that your company has seasonal offers or the time that people purchase stuff. You can heavily invest in advertisement and get people to your website.

There are few strategies that would show greater results on your page, it might take some new websites to come immediately to the top if they have high competition. If they have less competition, it is very easy to come up on the first page in google. Some strategies might be difficult to be done by yourself so that you can contact a Search engine optimization company and you can expect great results. Tectera is a web design and development company that specializes in Search engine optimization, e-commerce website, and digital marketing.