With the spread of the COVID 19 (aka Corona Virus), many companies around the world already made arrangements for remote working. This helps to reduce the spread of the virus and also it helps to limit the impact on the economy. Though the virus spread is getting controlled, companies are expected to allow their employees to do remote working till the end of 2020.

Being a leading web design company in Sri Lanka, we at tectera decided to evaluate the best webinar software of 2020.

We will be running through the Best webinar software available out there. We will be mainly focusing on the features, advantage and disadvantage of each platform, plus an explanation on what purpose each platform is best suited to.

#1 WebEx

WebEx, the webinar solution provided by Cisco, comes with a wide range of features for you to perform online meetings, events, team collaboration, events…Etc. The WebEx pricing looks similar to the other webinar pricing. WebEx got the free trial option and its monthly subscription starts from $13.50per host/month.

WebEx also recently started its WebEx Teams which supports Messaging, meetings, and content sharing for teams of all sizes.

WebEx features:

  • Video conferencing & Webinars: Using WebEx you shall host a wide range of online events such as meetings, training…Etc.
  • Chat and brainstorming tools: It got an interactive whiteboard and other tools for team collaboration.
  • File sharing: Trough WebEx you will have the ability to share files and apps.

In WebEx, you don’t get a dedicated webinar marketing tool. This is primarily a video conferencing suite that also caters for webinars and other live events.

Who is WebEx for?

The businesses which need a single and powerful video communication system without marketing capabilities.

#2: Zoom

Zoom is a leading general-purpose online conferencing tool. It caters for business collaboration, meetings and dedicated webinar solutions. Webinar automation is not available in Zoom but it can be considered as a reliable solution with an incredibly modest price tag for those who need the live webinar hosting.

Zoom features:

  • Interactive: Up to 100 interactive video participants for webinars with $14.99/mo/host. It got the free edition as well. However, the free edition is limited to 40 minutes on the group meeting.
  • Integration: The webinars can be broadcast on your Facebook and YouTube channels.
  • Controls: Full control over participants with Mute/unmute speakers.
  • Interactive: Ability to perform engaging sessions with Polls, Q&As and live chat.

As a video conferencing platform, Zoom is a feature-rich platform that’ll meet the needs of most corporate businesses. As a webinar tool, it caters well to live broadcasts, especially if you have a large panel of speakers waiting for their turn to speak.

Who is Zoom for?

Businesses that need an all-in-one video conferencing tool that includes live webinar broadcasting.

#3: Demio

Demio is one of the fine webinar software available nowadays. even as much other software is old and has did not preserve up with the times, Demio gives a modern and powerful platform.

In contrast to many webinar structures, which offer automatic or live webinars, Demio offers each, as well as a choice for hybrid mixes of pre-recorded and live recordings.

Demio features:

  • “Stay registered” collection: Permit you to signup once for an ongoing collection of webinars.
  • Personal chat: Users have the option to send personal messages to event coordinators or public messaging visible to everyone.
  • Branded registration page: To preserve things regular together with your emblem.
  • Like Live Replays: Automate replays of your webinars to construct e-mail lists.
  • Analytics: Insights into your webinar overall performance.

Who is Demio for?

Entrepreneurs who want a devoted webinar device with automated replays, however, positioned extra emphasis at the live activities.

Eventually, for non-profits and training agencies that have been compelled to run their operations on-line due to coronavirus, Demio is offering a 50% offer for those corporations.

#4: WebinarNinja

Of all of the platforms on this integrated submit, WebinarNinja gives Demio the largest run for its money

From integrations with each and every major CRM software, to timed offers, and built-in email notifications, WebinarNinja is designed to do one thing extremely well; Help you convert attendees into customers.

WebinarNinja features:

  • Paid events: Run free webinars or paid digital summits
  • Ad Tracking: Insert your Facebook advert monitoring pixel
  • Automated & hybrid webinars: Run completely-automatic replays on a time table, or combine live and pre-recorded factors.
  • Integrations: Combine with over 1,000+ apps thru Zapier
  • Multiple presenters: Have one or more than one presenters
  • Analytics: Reporting to your stay webinar overall performance.

Who is WebinarNinja for?

Frankly, it is another top-notch option for entrepreneurs and agencies looking for a contemporary and dependable webinar platform.

in case you’re jogging a small webinar for under 100 attendees, WebinarNinja is barely extra aggressive on fee, however, if you’re running a digital summit or have a bigger audience as much as round 500 users, I might err in the direction of Demio.

if you’re jogging a webinar even larger than that, or require extremely low-latency, our subsequent alternative may be a far better choice.

#5: ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is some other dedicated webinar tool and it quite a great deal gives all the functions you will anticipate at this level. The most effective main component lacking is the automated relay function, over again — but you can document webinars and download them for sharing.

ClickMeeting features:

  • Subaccounts: AAssign webinar duties to one of a kind individuals to your crew.
  • Customisation: Customised invitations, branded webinars and “waiting rooms”.
  • Recordings: report your webinars, download and proportion with whoever you need.
  • Engagement: Engage viewers with dynamic displays, interactive whiteboard, films and live chat.
  • Analytics: Reviews and analytics for your webinar attendance prices and other metrics.

ClickMeeting offers the first-rate webinar equipment a run for their cash, providing a few specific capabilities you may not get someplace else. How useful they may be to you absolutely relies upon on what you are searching out but I wouldn’t say any of those additional features are important. it is so as to decide, even though.

Who is ClickMeeting for?

Extreme webinar entrepreneurs have to definitely test this one.

We at tectera wish everyone to stay safe while this pandemic situation. Thank you for reading about the Best webinar software