WordPress vs Laravel! Most people know about WordPress, which is the most used common language to develop your website. What is Laravel? Laravel is a free open-source PHP framework that follows a feature package of architecture. Which is a PHP Web framework used to develop web applications. The main aim of Laravel is to tackle complex tasks easily and build the application quickly.

WordPress is the most popular CMS software in the world, WordPress is powered by a theme-based system and follows the plugin architecture. It is mainly used for writing blogs and website management systems. It is very to update and make edits to the content. Most of the huge companies make the website using WordPress.

WordPress vs Laravel

Laravel code is well organized and when coding Laravel takes care of reusing the code and solve the problem automatically to a certain extent. But in WordPress, the content should be managed by the developer and the way it should be.

WordPress is less costly than Laravel, where WordPress might take around $1000- $3000 and Laravel might cost around $3000 to $7000. These prices will be lower or higher according to the requirements you have. But in the long run, when the projects get bigger Laravel might help you save time and money.

Laravel framework tends to be difficult for a bit that the developer needs to understand to code and there is a learning curve. This might sometimes take a bit of time, but in WordPress, it is very easy to start building the application and it has numerous plugins that can be used.

WordPress has more developers than Laravel. This could reduce your opportunity to find more Laravel developers and compare prices and choose the best option. Moreover, if you need the website to be done quickly, learn them and control them by yourself. You should choose WordPress.

Laravel is a framework that is quick and fast with the presence of Eloquence. WordPress tends to be slow because of the plugins used. In WordPress, it depends on which plugins you use, because there are different plugins that also boost your website. If your company is having huge traffic on your website, choosing Laravel is a better option to look into than WordPress.

Laravel offers fewer opportunities for SEO optimization compared to WordPress. WordPress plugins would help for SEO purposes. WordPress sites tend to have better search engine performance on average.

The similarities that they have are functional, the errors occurring are less likely and they can be easily found and can be made as immediate as possible. It is also understandable in the process, even though Laravel tends to be difficult to learn, both can be easily used when you have an idea of the application.


Benefits of using WordPress and Laravel


  • Search engine friendly.
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy learning curve
  • Easy to use for new user
  • Large supporting community worldwide
  • Customizable features with the use of plugins
  • Available in more than 70 languages.


  • Developer friendly structure
  • Built-in authentication
  • Enhanced security
  • Easily extendable
  • Very flexible and customizable
  • Seamless database migration
  • Eloquent ORM

Laravel or WordPress for an eCommerce store?

Both the system has been used worldwide to create an eCommerce website, due to the large number of plugins it has made both the system very attractive and easy to be completed soon as possible. WooCommerce, an integral part of WordPress offers complete support for the themes, payment gateways, products, and more. Making a WordPress website makes a more pleasant experience, and you can sell online without any tech-savviness.

Building an eCommerce website in Laravel is a bit complex, but it gives you more opportunities for customization. There are some functions that exist like Aimeons or Bagisto are some most popular e-commerce packages. They have all the functions to run a store with a large or small number of products. It is easy to add to features and expand when the business grows. Lets check the next Laravel vs WordPress key difference.

Laravel or WordPress for a Web application?

Both Laravel and WordPress works fine with all the web application. Using the MVC framework gives you an obvious advantage over a CMS. Laravel has more functions than looking into the web application. Where it has numerous built-in features like authentication, advance routing, and error. It is also easy to scale up and down according to the changes we need and keep up the performance. The top 1 million website in the world, 0.84% are made through Laravel.

WordPress also could handle these functionalities with the plugins, the problem that will be faced is that the website will start to get slower by adding too many plugins. WordPress is a greater application to websites like Spotify and blogs which are easily attainable. With the use of thousands of free and paid themes, it is very easy to code and get the website to start running. Lets check the next Laravel vs WordPress key difference.

Laravel or WordPress for a blog or news site?

This is a really simple answer, WordPress’s main idea was built with content sharing in mind. WordPress is very easy to create, custom design, categorize and share content. These blogs can be published easily by any user with access. It also has a different number of plugins that will the sharing process very easy which would also help the Search Engine Optimization. Furthermore, you can design your website according to any color scheme and images to make it more appealing.

However, Laravel also can be used for a blog website. The restricted thing is that it takes to build a Laravel website, and it tends to be expensive. Whereas the blogs don’t have much content to be produced which coding in WordPress is enough. At this point, it would be suggestible to choose WordPress.


When we look at WordPress vs Laravel, each of them has its own advantage and disadvantages. WordPress is most suitable for medium-size businesses and has a very responsive design. If the website has not many changes and no need to update much in the future. Moreover, it also depends on the WordPress company you choose.

Looking at Laravel, it can be mainly used to build a main large e-commerce website, complex web pages, and a very protective backend. Comparing the speed and performance, Laravel beats WordPress. But looking at the cost, ease of use, and SEO purpose, WordPress beats Laravel.