So you are own a WordPress site and thinking about enhancing it security? First and foremost let me talk about WordPress a little bit. It is a open source content management system which written in PH.

It powerful features which will be a growth to your website such as Customizable Designs, High Security. Its SEO Friendly and you can even manage it on the go. It is always Easy and Accessible. WordPress is a high performing platform which will be a great advantage to the website creators. WordPress gives you a freedom to study how the program works, and change it to make it do what you wish. It even allows you to distribute copies of your modified versions to others. Even you have the permission to redistribute and last but not least you can run your store for any purposes. Those are four core freedoms we identity bill of rights. As I mentioned before most importantly WordPress has features for keeping up the security of the WordPress Website.

Why is the security of a WordPress site clearly important?

WordPress is a popular CMS site which mostly gets hacked. This threats only increased during the coved 19 pandemics. Since this is an open source website new bugs and vulnerabilities will be shared openly which will be a great advantage to hackers who are thinking about an attack. The most common types of WordPress attacks are cross- site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection. Because WordPress permits unlimited login attempts Brute Force attacks are also common. I know, you are now surely scared about the Security of your WordPress site. Don’t worry we have the answer for you!

There are lots of methods which can improve the security of your WordPress site. Above them let’s talk about five methods which will be used for the security of your site.

1.Install the new security updates.

The WordPress security team always believes in Responsible Disclosure by alerting the security team immediately of any potential vulnerabilities. There are so many security updates from WordPress just to provide better security for your website. Sometimes you might wonder why there are so many updates on WordPress. Those are really essential for your WordPress Website. Let’s check why? Your updates will increase the efficiency of your website. WordPress makes sores to update your CMS with every update. WordPress developers are always making a way to make it more efficient. So, they are indeed working on several improvements that speed up your site. Even site SEO is getting speed with your security updates. So, it’s better to keep your site updated.

With your updates you are now eligible to have benefits of new updates from your WordPress website. These updates include new features to change the core of your software, you can have better plugin experience. Generally, third party plugins like classic widgets, Collapse – O- Matic, The Events Calendar are relying on the updated versions. Even in general the support systems of WordPress assume that you are using the general updates.

Most importantly it enhances the security. WordPress community can study the codes and report bugs vulnerabilities. Whenever it is reported the team will work on fixing the issue. With your updates you will make sure you are working on a secure platform. Let me give you a quick update on latest security updates! WordPress 5.8.3 security release is live now which fixes four security issues. Why are you waiting? Update the new security updates now!


Always use a strong password for your WordPress website. This the simplest security measure you can take. When creating your password always remember to use more than eight characters which are a mix of uppercase and lowercase characters. When you are creating the password don’t forget to include one number and one special character. Make sure your password is not unique at all. For a better security don’t share your password with anyone. Even with your team members or business partners. Without sharing your password, you can maintain the integrity of your account by giving access to your site with their own user account or password. When giving the password try not give admin access to that account.

When you give access to your partners to their personal accounts you can even easily remove them.

3.  Themes and Plugins

WordPress themes and plugins have periodic updates you must manage. When new themes are released on WordPress, information about bug fixes and security patches are published, making the security issues with the previous version. Don’t forget to delete the themes which you are not using. In WordPress.org Plugin Directory there are lots of plugins to tryout. When using the plugins don’t forget to disable and delete all the unused plugins. There are lots of plugins you can use for your site’s security also. There are plugins for wide range of security features such as adding a firewall to your site, scans the sites for malware, search for suspicious codes of database.  

4 Limit login attempts.

Limit the number of logins attempts which prevent you from a brute force attack. This allows you to specify how many retries will be allowed, and how long an IP will be locked out after too many failed login attempts.

5.Revist your WordPress security checklist

After you create your dream website your responsibility is not only creating awesome articles but also maintaining your website. You always have to check whether everything is up to date.

We hope these five methods will help you to enhance your security on your amazing work! Precautions is always better than cure .Your actions towards the page security will create secured WordPress site for you.