Website design ideas for restaurant? Modern restaurant websites are usually works of beauty, with fresh and creative interfaces that inspire designers. The fundamental issue is that most of them are just concerned with the aesthetic component of the interface when it comes to conveying the ambiance of the location. In truth, restaurant web design should be useful and user-friendly, allowing customers to locate exactly what they are looking for. With that in mind, we compiled a list of factors to consider while developing a good restaurant website.



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Excellent layout & Information 

The website should be easy to navigate. Someone ordering lunch may be confused by the megamenu and various navigation components. To complete the most common chores, create a natural flow. With sub-items inside, keep the number of primary links to 3-5. Make sure that you include your phone number, location of the hotel, and business hours on your web page. If the customer has any type of questions, they should be able to get your contact number quickly as possible. 


Your website’s colors should complement your restaurant’s overall branding and emphasize its image. Brown tones, for example, are appropriate for homey, traditional, and stable settings; green for eco-friendly and vegan eateries; red for fast food; and black for evoking mystery or as a sophisticated backdrop for food photos. Colors play a huge role in the website, if you use too many colors on the restaurant page it might look too messy and you should give the same feeling as your restaurant on the web page. 

High-quality images and Social media

Aesthetically pleasing photos are essential. Consider large backdrop shots of the interior, exterior, and people working there, in addition to food photos. Instead of using appealing stock photos to deceive your consumers, hire a professional photographer to capture the mood of your restaurant online. Moreover, when uploading images make sure the images are properly optimized and they are of proper quality.

There is a higher chance that you will lose sales if the images are not professional. Social media plays a huge role too when combing with the website. Social media is the place to market your products and the website. Another key point is that keeping your social media active and putting out quality content. Let’s look at the next website design ideas for restaurant 


Remember that most customers come to your website to order meals or at the very least familiarize themselves with the menu and costs. A good website includes more than simply a price list; it also has a description, images, and some useful features like a quick calculator or hovering nutrition details. 93% of people view the menu before they come to dining. Don’t just add the dish with the name. Make sure that you describe what are the things which are included and the price of the dish. 

Online ordering 

A good restaurant website should feature an order form that follows user-friendly form design best practices. Consider the other features you could include, such as a map of the user’s location and a pop-up with an estimated wait time. 63% of consumers like to order it directly from the restaurant page so it is very important to make the process easy for the customers to navigate through. 

The best practice is to give them multiple options in the cart. For example, in the menu card itself, you keep a cart option button where they can add it directly. This would be applicable to the customers who are usually visiting your website. The other option you can add is that, when a customer clicks the food, it opens in a different tab on the ingredients and everything. The consumer can simply read and add to the cart. Let’s look at the next website design ideas for restaurant 

About us 

The “About Us” page is useful for describing the story of your restaurant, which helps consumers understand your brand and enhances the meaning of your goods. Make a good copy and include images of your staff, a video story, or animated components – anything that will pique the interest of potential clients. 


This is a growing idea that is being implemented in most restaurants. The consumers don’t have to call and book. They simply must visit your website and book a table on the preferred date and time. As the restaurant manager, it is important to check on the date if there is any booking and he must make sure that the table doesn’t get occupied by the regular restaurant customers. 

The other idea which they are implementing now in very few restaurants is that the consumers can pay for the food and drink he wants on the reservation and do the payment online. The consumer also has the feasibility on what time they need the food to arrive. So, the day he comes, he doesn’t have to do anything. The restaurant will provide the food and the drink he has requested from the website on time. Let’s look at the next website design ideas for restaurant 

Custom food as customers wish

You can make the customers choose what should be in his food and not. This can be integrated with the website and the system. The customer can make changes to the food as he wants to a certain extent. For example- Subway allows the customer to add more stuff to the food and neglect the vegetables that you don’t like. There are many restaurants that usually let the customer choose but it is mostly done physically in the restaurant. 

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