Are you trying to decide between WIX vs WordPress? These professional website builders take very different approaches to create websites. Let’s see which one is the perfect fit for you!


Ease of Use

Wix is arguably the easiest website builder in the market. there are hundreds of templates to choose from and you could use them for your blogs, portfolios, E-stores, etc. Editing is super easy in Wix thanks to their “drag and drop” editor. You can add the elements with ease and the platform is high in flexibility. 

On the other hand WordPress presents itself as a highly flexible content management system. It lets you build any kind of website choosing from the thousands of templates available. But you should need some technical knowledge to be able to set up, add the plugins, add the extensions and bring a site to life. WordPress has tried its best to make the client experience as easier as possible. The addition of Gutenberg editor is one such measure. But it is still a long way behind Wix when it comes to ease of use. Let’s check the next WIX vs WordPress key difference.


SEO Capabilities


Which one out of these, lets you be more visible in search engines? Let’s dive into the SEO capabilities of these two. What we hear about Wix is not that good, but trust me it is not that bad either. They let you edit the website’s title, URL, and the img-alt texts, and some more ways of optimizing your Wix site. 

But this ain’t enough to compete with WordPress though. You have the access to numerous plugins which are extremely effective such as Yoast SEO and Google Analyticator WordPress and more SEO features. Though both are good for SEO, WordPress is ahead of their competitor. Let’s check the next WIX vs WordPress key difference.





What is the best platform for bloggers? Wix is letting you add a blog into your website, but the control it grants you over the content and the features are not satisfactory. Yes. It is easy to use but could be far better if it had more options for editing and posting. 

When it comes to WordPress it is famously recognized as “the tool” for blogging. The blog feature over here allows you to add tags, categories, RSS, and numerous plugins. So, considering all these we can conclude that the undisputed winner for blogging is WordPress. Let’s check the next WIX vs WordPress key difference.


Additional Applications


While analysing Wix Vs WordPress differences, key focus is to check the available plugin. What out of these two let you add, more functionalities to your website? The App Market of Wix consists of more than 250 apps that you could use to improve website performance. Be it a booking system or a live chat for your clients, Wix provides you them all. 

WordPress isn’t bad at all. They have thousands of plugins built within. In both these platforms, the functions might come free of charge or at a hefty price. You will need to have a little technical knowledge to install and update them.

Both platforms are brilliant when it comes to functionality. 


Customer Support


In Wix, the support is satisfactory good. They offer both phone and email support. Apart from that, there are plenty of forums, articles, and tutorials for beginners as well. 

WordPress is technically free. They do not provide any support officially as it is open source. But there are community forums where you could find answers to your issues. But trust me, it is not going to be easy to find a specific answer for your issue over there. 

Therefore, when it comes to customer support we can keep Wix ahead of WordPress.


Value for Money


Now let’s see how the pricing plans of these two platforms are. The ad-free plans of Wix cost you 14 USD per month.  If you registering for a year at once, it would save you 3 USD per month. 



WordPress is free, but here can take your site online, only after paying to a hosting provider. A cheap host would cost you about 5USD per month. But a decent host which takes care of all the updates is about 12USD per month. 

Therefore, when it comes to affordability we could say that both platforms are affordable and provide value for the money.




E-Commerce in simple words if you already don’t know is turning your website into an online store. There are E-commerce capabilities in Wix and it mainly targets small business owners. Features such as tax and shipping capabilities, virtual products, tracking the sales are available for Wix users. But Wix’s capabilities are questionable when we have to move a high volume of products and have to use multiple shipping methods and currencies. 



On the other hand, WordPress is capable of supporting any E-commerce site you want to make. Woocommerce is a very popular E-commerce plugin available for WordPress which allows you to create virtual products, payment methods, special offers, coupons, etc. 

So we can say that WordPress is better than Wix in E-commerce capabilities. 


Data Portability


You may need to transfer your website data at any given time. Wix is allowing you to transfer a Wix site itself. But else, the options are limited. You can export the blog posts in XML format and will have to download the media content. 

But in WordPress, transferring data is a cakewalk. You can export all your content with a single click. 

Hence, if you have any plans of moving your website content in the future, choosing WordPress is a no-brainer. 


Conclusion of WIX Vs WordPress


When it comes to the features we considered here, it is clear that both Wix and WordPress have their strengths and weaknesses. Let’s summarize our evaluations. Wix leads when it comes to ease of use. WordPress is in front of Wix at SEO Capability. Better support is available for Wix. Mind you that both these platforms provide value for the money. WordPress leads in Data Portability and WordPress is the better blogging and E-Commerce platform. Hope these conclusions help you make a decision.

But, everything depends on the nature of your requirement and what is most important for you. If you want a website that is easy to use and could be maintained with ease without the help of a website developer in Sri Lanka, the best option would be Wix. But, suppose you have even bigger thoughts for your website. If you need more flexibility and if you are ok to work on your site a bit, WordPress is the most ideal solution for you. Thank you for reading about the key difference between Wix Vs WordPress.

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