E-Commerce is an activity of buying and selling via the internet. It is a revolutionary step of buying and selling in the world. If you are a seller you will open to a wide range of customer base via E- Commerce. All you have to do is upload your products to the website you choose . So, Today we are going to explore the top 10 websites which gives you an amazing experience.


Ready to experience a global shopping experience? Kapruka is ready to give it to you. Kapruka was founded in 2003 to give a world class service to Sri Lankans. Today Kapruka.com is the largest E- Commerce service provider in Sri Lanka. It offers thousands of products with over thirty type of services.Kapruka.com is the Amazon’s master seller in Sri Lanka. Surely it enables aspiring local producers to sell using Amazon.com. Sri Lankan products can now be listed on Amazon US which has an active customer base in over 180 countries.

Kapruka Global Shop gives customers based in Sri Lanka access to over 50 million global products. Global Shop houses a wide range of products from clothing, computers, toys, electronics etc.

Kapruka sells online to the customers who have ordered it. It primarily sorts, selects, packs and delivers items to customer addresses in Sri Lanka. The important part is Kapruka owns the inventory and doesn’t involve a third party logistics.


Daraz is a popular E – Commerce website among Asians. It’s an online E- Commerce store where you can have clothing, footwear, apparel, jewelry and accessories. It hosts a wide range of consumer electronics, fashion and beauty products, alongside a rapidly growing miscellany of general merchandise. It was started in 2012 in Pakistan and currently Alibaba Group taking the ownership of it.

Daraz is South Asia’s leading marketplace that has more than 20 million products in 100+ categories on its Website and App.


If you are looking for a product at an affordable price. Ikman.lk will be an amazing place for your desires. Ikman.lk launched in 2012 . It is available in Sinhala, Tamil and English. Ikman.lk became the 6th most visited website in Sri Lanka after three months of operation.

There are so many categories which fit your desires. Such as Electronics, Vehicles, Property, Home & Garden, Business and Industry, Animals, Fashion industry and so on. It is not only limited to products you can search for your dream job via ikman.

You can even request services through ikman such as printer repairs, Ac installation and service repair, typing services.


Are you looking for popular brands? We found the best place for you. You can choose your desired product under categories such as white goods, electronics, lifestyle, gadgets, mobile phones, laptops, household items, fitness equipment and much more to suit your preference and style.

wOw.lk ( Digital Commerce Lanka ) owned by a subsidiary of Dialog Axiata. You can get the best deals, real value including secure payment options, island wide delivery, genuine warranty and excellent after sales services.


Takas is based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This supports 700 merchants and 25,000 products that are delivered anywhere in the island. World is changing! and Takas are ready for it. They were the first E- Commerce company to provide cash on delivery option.

Currently this market place supports seven hundred merchants and twenty five thousand products that are delivered anywhere on the island. Takas also provide a platform for e – commerce companies that allow them to automate their backend process and increase efficiency. This is an amazing platform for sellers who are new to the business.


Patpat founded in 2017.It is a E- Commerce website that helps with your lifestyle needs. You can post an ad in PatPat for free. Affordability and convenience make Patpat.lk more user friendly.

You can explore the product by popular categories such as cars, three wheels, electronics, grocery, health products, houses, rooms & annexes, business management and household. PatPat gives a major place for made in Sri Lanka products. You can find cool made in Sri Lanka products via the website.

PatPat fits all your financial needs. You can get options such as vehicle leasing, property loans and personal loans to be fit with your financial state.


Are you a fashionista who thinks about unique designs?

ZigZag.lk is an online fashion retail store which brings you unique and elegant designs to add a touch of glamour to your everyday life.

You can experience a wide range of products with ZigZag and you can purchase your payments via credit cards, cash on delivery, and bank transfer methods.

Sambole. lk

Sambole.lk enables you to search or buy anything such as groceries, property, fashion, health and beauty, home kitchen and garden, motor vehicles, services etc. With Sambole you can get free classified ads and most importantly it has this amazing feature which is Sambole Buyer Protection. This makes it a trusted buying and selling marketplace.


BuyAbans founded in 2007. They aimed to provide the best online shopping experience with access to the best products at the best prices to suit all your needs. Abans also serves customers purchasing from UK, Australia, USA, etc. Italy for their friends and family members in Sri Lanka.

Bigdeals. lk

Are you searching a site for your consumer needs? Bigdeals is one of the fastest growing eCommerce website which can full fill your needs. Bigdeals works on provide a safe platform to their customers. You can get your products to an affordable price with Bigdeals.

Hope you have explore some amazing sites to get your products and even sell your products. This sites will make sure that your having an amazing experience on buying and selling.