Tectera is thrilled to unveil Shinrai’s brand-new website. Shinrai’s new web design is aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and comprehensive, with a futuristic and elegant touch. We worked closely with the Shinrai team to bring their unique ideas to reality. By blending engaging visuals with an outstanding style, the website creates a delightful visual presence.

We also created the content for Shinrai‘s website, keeping it brief but precise so you can acquire more information with a single glance. A number of modest but significant adjustments have been made to improve your overall site experience. Shinrai and our teams collaborated, intending to improve the UI of the corporate website so that users can easily navigate from one section to the next without losing important information. We’ve also made some improvements to the site, such as new aesthetics and updates, to make it more user-friendly.

In Japanese, the word ‘shinrai’ signifies ‘trust.’. Building long-term relations with customers and partners is a top priority for Shinrai Lanka. Their objective is to improve people’s lives and businesses. They’ve done this by developing cutting-edge technical solutions that enhance convenience, efficiency, and security at home and at work. From smart home systems to Extra-Low Voltage (ELV) solutions to the terrestrial signal receiving devices, they have it all.

Here at Tectera, we understand Shinrai’s mission is to enrich lives and empower businesses through innovative technological solutions. Therefore, Shinrai’s new web design was planned and the web development process was done in a way that aligns with Shinrai’s basic ideals of quality and innovation. We made certain to do the web design for this new website in such a way that it reflects these requirements through the website.

The user-friendly, easy-to-access menu navigator panel allows users to quickly navigate to their preferred pages. This allows users to discover Shinrai Lanka’s versatility. They can learn not only about Shinra’s services and careers but also get an idea about how Shinrai actively participates in CSR projects to give back to the Sri Lankan community.

Nishan Fernando is the Managing Director of Shinrai Lanka. He is a young entrepreneur with big ambitions. He earned his tertiary education at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. Shelton Fernando, an industry veteran, and director, is accompanying him. He is an individual who has accumulated decades of industry knowledge. He also has a wealth of long-standing ties in Sri Lanka’s corporate environment and electronics export sector.

Shinrai’s team, led by this amazing leadership, collaborated with Tectera’s passionate and talented team to develop this new web design for Shinrai.

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Tectera team’s diligent efforts brought Shinrai’s web development project to life. Tectera’s team consists of web developers, graphic designers, and content writers. They are skillful individuals who specialize in designing custom corporate web and mobile solutions for any business. We provide high-quality services that are both reasonable and appropriate for every organization. Since our inception in 2013, we’ve only provided the best tailored digital solutions, resulting in strong businesses that have continued to develop over time.

We hope you enjoy the new Shinrai website design.