Tectera is proud to announce the launch of CBH Lands’ new website. With a futuristic and beautiful touch, CBH Land’s new web design is aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and comprehensive. We collaborated closely with the CBH team to bring their original concepts to life. The website delivers a lovely visual presence by combining engaging pictures with an amazing style.

We also generated the content for CBH Land’s website, keeping it short yet accurate so that you can get a lot of information in one glance. To improve your overall site experience, a number of little but substantial changes have been implemented. CBH Land’s and our teams collaborated to modernize the corporate website’s user interface so that users may simply move from one part to the next without losing critical information. We’ve also made some changes to the site to make it more user-friendly, such as fresh aesthetics and upgrades.

Ceylon Brand House Private Limited (CBH) was established in 2015. They’ve made a reputation for themselves for their trusted service as a real estate investment, development, and sales company in Sri Lanka. Their primary focus is selecting residential and commercial properties in key strategic locations with high potential for growth, whilst providing a customer-centric service model.

As a result, their land selection procedure is extremely stringent. The Founder Chairman and Deputy Chairman hand pick each piece of land brought to market. Following the purchase, its team of professionals meticulously manages the planning, preparation, approval, and development of the project using its own internal project management manual. They develop property in accordance with criteria provided by key government entities such as the Urban Development Authority, Provincial Council, or Local Authority, or a combination.

We understand CBH’s vision to be the customer’s finest investment, thus its new web design was designed and the web development process was carried out in a way that matches CBH’s fundamental concepts of quality, dependability, and elegance. We made it a point to develop this new website’s web design in such a way that it matches these needs.

Users can swiftly browse their chosen pages using the user-friendly, easy-to-access menu navigation panel. Users can effortlessly traverse the website as a result of this. They can discover about CBH’s Blog and History, as well as how CBH has a range of valuable Villas, Listings, and Locations. They can do all that in a short period of time due to the website speed and organized clean Interfaces. Because of the website’s loading speed and well-organized, user-friendly interfaces, it can accomplish all of this in a short amount of time. In other words, the website ensures that the user’s time invested in it is worthwhile.

CBH’s team worked with Tectera’s motivated, self-driven, and skilled team to create this new web design for CBH, led by this incredible leadership.

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We hope you like the new web design of the CBH website.