How to become first on the google page? Why optimize website for voice search? There are different things to stand out on the first page of any searching optimization. The few things you can do to develop your search engine optimization are adding keywords to specific places on the website. Secondly, create information and content for users, not for Google, invest in Google Ads, which would increase click rate and bring traffic to your website. These are specific types of SEO that is being used. But do you know that voice search also improves search engine optimization? 

Voice search is the future of search engine optimization; people started speaking to modern technology like watches, phones, and voice responses. The upcoming generation and technology are developed to make human life more accessible, and they are adopting these technologies. People like to get quick answers than typing on the keyboard, and the voice search provides the exact information you are looking.

How does voice search work?

  • The user asks the question from the device.
  • The device reads the question and chooses the exact match words from the network.
  • The voice search reads the answer.

So let’s begin on how to optimize website for voice search. The six main things you should cope up with use long-tail keywords, provide the right content, improve local content, Quick and structured website, various region languages, predict user questions and create an answer

Use long-tail keywords

The long-tail keyword is a great tactic for SEO which products should have an actionable keyword or put them in code to identify them. The longer tail keywords are more towards accuracy and specificity. Most of the companies and blogs benefit from this strategy which helps attract people with a particular intent. Companies compete for higher rankings on the result page of google to get the specific customer to be more likely to buy your product. For example: – you search about branded shoes but later search for where to buy branded shoes for men in Sri Lanka. SEO helps to optimize website for voice search in featured snippets, which would bring you to the top results.

Provide the right content

The voice search mostly tends to be in the form of questions, so we should make sure that the answer should provide descriptive content according to the question. Do not stuff more keywords and reduce the voice search narrow. Tend to keep it in the perfect balance to gain prospective customers. Moreover, ensure that it is provided in easy-to-read for the device that provides the message to the user. This would be a greater advantage not only for voice search but also increase click-through rate.

Improve local content

Most of the voice search tends to be local content. By doing research and identifying the local needs would improve the SEO. Suppose the local people provide more feedback and testimonials and recheck your website to purchase a product. Automatically the rate of SEO increases, and you can become at the top of the page. This would reach the outer area and in the voice search, it would give your company first then the competitors. Let’s look into the next key to optimize website for voice search.

Quick and structured website

Ensure that the website is loading fast and gives quality content. Think from a user side, while you are going for a walk you use voice search to find the nearby restaurant and if it takes a long time to load your website to get the information. The user would choose another one which is below or browse for another restaurant nearby. Structure your website user-friendly and gives a great experience to the consumers. The faster the site loads the more significant the ranking in the future.

Various region languages

The internet provides services to the whole world, SEO offers the best option to optimize websites for voice search in the entire world. So, it is essential to make sure that the messages are also converted in different languages and feasible for the customers in which the keywords are optimized for each country and region. This would be a greater advantage to get recognized worldwide, which would attract customers from a different area. For example- A person from Spain country visits Sri Lanka and search for the best places to buy a watch on their mobile phone in their language. You should make sure that the company website is optimized to understand their language and translate the keywords.

Predict user questions and create answers

The most used word in voice search is who, where, and what; these are important factors that the company understand the user’s mind and provide creative content to attract them. Another important factor is that queries should be updated to answer the questions. which means the user may structure the questions in different ways. For example – What are the best American food available near me? This question be structured differently by another user, like who has the best American food near me? So, we should make sure that any questions answered differently should lead to your website. 


These are the best ways to optimize website for voice search to rank up in the search engine optimization. There are certain things also which we should consider while voice search, the geographical location of the business you operate. The culture and lifestyle of the people are different in regions which your location the voice search might be a factor that would not be used much, so it would be tough for you to grow without the local people growth. So in this factor, you can choose other methods to improve your search engine optimization like video marketing according to your region.