Tectera is delighted to announce the launch of a new hotel website built for Mosvold. The brand new website has a fresh, user-friendly design and you can find it at https://www.mosvoldhotels.com/.

To create this appealing new design, we collaborated closely with the Mosvold team. The website generates a pleasing visual presence by combining engaging visuals with an exquisite style.

We’ve also redesigned the content on Mosvold Hotels’ website so that you can get more information with a quick glance. We have implemented a number of minor but substantial changes to improve your overall site experience. Mosvold and our teams were woven together with the goal of upgrading the UI of the corporate website so that users can access all vital company information from one area to the next without losing any key details. We’ve also made some changes to the site to make it more user-friendly, such as new visuals and updates.

Here at Tectera, we understand the main need for Mosvold’s new website. It is to rebrand its businesses in a way that represents Mosvold Hotels’ basic ideals of quality and innovation. We have made sure to reflect that in this new website.

The user-friendly and interactive online hotel booking system Tectera designed for Mosvold Hotel website development furthers Mosvold’s goal of assisting clients in (re)discovering Sri Lanka’s beauty by delivering hand-picked boutique hotels and activities to enrich your Sri Lankan Tropical Island travel vacation.

Kurt Mosvold, a Norwegian with a lifetime affection for Sri Lanka, and Nilanka Martinus, an avid traveler, collaborated to create Mosvold Hotels. Since the opening of the first hotel, Mosvold Villa Ahangama, all those looking for beach villas have had a wonderful option. They’ve carefully picked their collection of boutique hotels in Sri Lanka.

In this new Mosvold Hotel Web Development, we’ve also included all of Mosvold’s locations in or near Sri Lanka’s most prominent cultural districts. Each of these destinations will definitely be an adventure in and of itself. Each of these sites offers a variety of distinct experiences. These allow you to explore many different aspects of Sri Lankan heritage, culture, and serenity. In each one, you can discover more about their destinations and the Mosvold Boutique Hotels collection. Mosvold Hotels invites you to experience Sri Lanka’s rich culture, local cuisine, tradition, customs, and natural beauty. You can do all these while relaxing in luxury comfort.


Mosvold had joined hands with Tectera to create this new Hotel web design.

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We believe that in today’s digitally connected world, businesses can only stay ahead by doing two things. They are pursuing new opportunities and implementing technology to its full potential.

The Tectera team worked tirelessly to make the dream Mosvold Hotel web development project a reality. Tectera’s team consists of web developers, graphic designers, project managers, and content writers. All of them specialize in creating custom corporate web and mobile solutions for any business. We offer high-quality services that are both affordable and ideal for every business. Whether it is a startup or an established company. We’ve only given the best customized digital solutions since our debut in 2013, resulting in strong businesses that have continued to grow over the years.

We hope you enjoy the newly designed Mosvold Hotels website.