Ever wondered how to create a video marketing strategy? Today many marketing techniques use electronic devices to convey promotional messaging and measure its impact if successful. By and by, computerized showcasing normally alludes to advertising efforts that show up on a PC, telephone, tablet, or other gadgets. It can take numerous structures, including web videos, show promotions, and web-based media posts. Advanced advertising is frequently contrasted with “conventional promoting” like magazine advertisements, boards, and post-office-based mail. Strangely, TV usually is generalized with the likes of traditional advertising.

Did you know that more than 3 quarters of Americans go online daily? Additionally, another 43% go on more than once a day, and 26% are constantly online.

These figures show the impact social media advertising can make in this modern, digitized world. We must exploit the advanced world with an online promoting presence by building a brand, giving an extraordinary client experience that likewise brings more expected clients, and the sky’s the limit from there, with a digital marketing system.

Computerized advertising, also called to be known as web-based showcasing, is the advancement of brands to associate with potential clients by utilizing the web and different types of computerized correspondence. This incorporates email, online media, and online promotion, yet additionally text, sight, and sound messages as an advertising channel.

Nonetheless, brands can presently not accomplish benefits by utilizing composed substance and pictures alone — these days, that is tedious and unengaging for purchasers who are immersed with live real-time, intuitive 360 recordings, expanded reality, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. These days, the notoriety of online media has offered advertising groups a chance to strengthen their commitment to the clients.

Your video marketing plan will be what guides you — your financial plan, your courses of events, your creation measures, your change measurements, and that’s just the beginning.




Set several goals, identify your audience, Figure the type of video that you want to present, Decide the platform, Schedule and promote the videos, Understand and analyze their success are considered as some of the great video marketing strategy. Let’s check in detail.


Set several goals


 The first step of creating a video marketing strategy is to understand the marketing funnel of the video. You’ll have to decide which stage is more important to tap into. For certain brands, videos are used heavily for advertising. There are five stages on a marketing funnel, but three below are fundamental goals that you can follow;


This is the major part of the marketing funnel, and lead generation takes place that converts strangers to get attracted to the products and services of your company. Videos on this stage should attract people and introduce the brand to new customers.


In this stage, the customers are identified as prospective customers. The customers are finding information about the product, watching product reviews, free trials, and more.


Buyers are making the final decision about purchasing the product or service. This stage should prove to the customers why they should choose your company over the competitors.

Identify your audience


There are different social media platforms with different age groups. You should figure out who your intended audience is and create specific videos to capture their mind. Presumably, the people who want to purchase are also people whom you might want to reach too. Understanding the region and culture would give the company more competitive advantage. Let’s check the next video marketing strategy


Figure the type of video that you want to present

This is the most important part of the video marketing strategy. The customer should tend to get attracted by the video you release. Good content would save you time and money in the long run, including writing the script, budgeting, and producing it. We should understand the emotions of the viewer before producing, whether to make them laugh? Inspired? Or other. Let’s check the next video marketing strategy

Decide the platform


Remember, most people don’t like long videos so try to keep the video short and to the point. The reach of each network is important to understand the customer behaviour and response to the marketing strategy. If the video is mostly considered among the youth-based, the best approach is to brand it through Instagram.

Here are some recommended times for each network.

  • Instagram :- 30 seconds
  • Twitter:- 45 seconds
  • Facebook:- 1 minute
  • YouTube:- 2 minutes


Schedule and Promote the videos


This is the best option to reach the target audience if you’re a startup and want to earn more audience if it’s a new page. For example:- If the company is hosting an event for the public to attend, which might need some consumer engagement. The best option the company could follow is that they promote the video in the particular geographical location where the event is taking place. Moreover, posting videos on a regular schedule would keep the customer engaged in your specific network. Let’s check the next video marketing strategy

Understand and analyze their success


The last important element of any marketing strategy is to analyze the output. We should understand how the video has performed on the number of shares and likes, the reach, and comments. Each platform shows different metrics on how video has been showcased. This analysis identifies how much they have created brand awareness and whether it provided extra sales.


How does video marketing help websites to rank?


The sites with video content perform better than overall sites because search engines prioritize them. Think from your perspective, would you rather read a page of pdf of text or watch an informative quick video of the product to purchase the product. Furthermore, Increasing the click-through rates of the video also increases the organic traffic and it lowers your bounce rate that people spend twice as long a page with  video than without.

Below listed are few key steps to get your videos on the first page

  • Optimize the title
  • Optimize the description
  • Keep the videos short
  • Put related keywords in the tag
  • Engage more people in the video
  • Take advantage of the audio

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