How can restaurants survive COVID-19 pandemic? The Covid-19 (Coronavirus) still made everyone to stay at home. Restaurants are closed and not permitted to allow any in house dining. And that makes the industry to wonder “What does the future hold?”. Many potential changes can be expected from consumers and how the restaurants are going to adapt? The pandemic is forcing all customers to adopt new behaviours and habits in terms of dining at restaurants and eating in general.

How can restaurants survive COVID-19 pandemic?

Even after the coronavirus pandemic has passed, customers expected to be mainly depending on delivery and takeout. Around 33% of the customers stated in a survey that they are getting more delivery done than before the pandemic. The pandemic is changing the customer behaviour and it is expected to continue and influence the behaviour even after the pandemic is over.

The other findings from the survey are;

  • 45% of customers say they are eating less fast / junk food than they usually do.
  • 38% of customers say they will help local businesses more in the future.
  • 32% of the customers plan to make more home-made meals after the virus passes.
  • 40% of those surveyed said they are planning to focus more on saving and budgeting their money after the COVID-19 threat passes.

Meanwhile, restaurant owners face hard decisions about their business model moving forward, many foodies are still looking and trying to help their favourite restaurants. As the situation develops it is very important to reach your customers directly via your restaurant website, social media pages, Google My Business and more to communicate any changes you may be making, share your sanitization procedures, and encourage support and empathy in this turbulent time.

There are many ways you can motivate customers to help your business without requiring them to step foot in your restaurant, including online ordering, pickup or takeaway, and digital gift cards.

Besides, the customers also will tend to make orders online in future rather than preferring the dine-in.  Therefore, having a website with online ordering ability is important for any restaurants to sustain the market and to maintain the customer base.

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