What is audio SEO? Many people won’t know this! But do you know this is a growing opportunity to increase your chances of ranking high on google search? SEO is very important to internet marketers to rank their company websites. Audio search engine optimization is a new effort that is rising in the past years. The podcast came into action and now half of the world population is listening to the podcast with various speakers.

Organic searches are very important for a company to grow, and specific keywords are highly targeted. Today, search engine optimization is built on high-quality backlinks, referring domains, and structured content. Google is becoming intelligent every day, it’s becoming hard to rank in the specific keywords. Google has started checking everything, the spam score, brand signals, user interaction, and website loading speed.

Why is audio SEO important?

The SEO industry and the website industry is growing faster. But the audio market is rising double than both the industry. This shows the opportunities are high in this particular market. The number of podcast speakers is increasing day by day. You might think about how it usually works, you can include the keyword and talk about some content of the company.

The best way to do SEO in this method is to reach out to people who have a good number of listeners, and they would market your product. They could attach your link to the podcast and people could reach out to it.

How to begin with Audio SEO?

Optimize Podcast content

The most used tactic for audio SEO is through a podcast, lets look at how we can produce content in the podcast episodes. Make sure that you have found your correct audience and the topic will be focused according to that. Prepare the whole content and for each of them make sure that you research the specific keywords.

The next thing to be focused on is to produce high-quality audio recordings. Make sure that you find a proper studio, which has a mic and a noise cancelation room. Before producing the content out on the page, make sure that voice audio and music audio are matched accordingly. If your voice is not clear, it will reduce the interest of the listeners too.

Upload your content in all the possible media which could eventually reach many people. Don’t just stick into one medium. Publish your content everywhere possible and get more people to engage on the podcast. Analyze your keyword, before releasing content make sure that people are searching according to the keyword that you’re publishing.

Have a different page for your podcast and links to subscribe to your channel. When uploading content makes sure that you don’t only stick to promoting your product. Because if you do such, the listeners will leave you and you will not get people to watch your podcast. So, try topics like how the people in work manage stress and stuff. Make one of your staff talks and at the same time, you can promote your service or product.

Optimize your website to YouTube content

You might have seen sometimes that in the search engine optimization that YouTube video appears before any website. Did you know that it is also used in Audio SEO? Well, there are people who don’t want to read. They want to listen and understand a topic. This is where podcasts and YouTube work. Well, this doesn’t work 100% until they are potential users.

As mentioned before, make sure that you analyze your keywords. There are many videos on YouTube, how will they choose yours over the other available videos. The key point is to keep your video short and very descriptive. The users mostly wish to watch small videos and understand the concept than longer videos.

Add jump links in your video, so that users can directly watch from the exact time frame of the video and the answer they are expecting. Increase the engagement of the customers in your video to make them subscribe, comment, and share it. Link your video to the webpage directly and share the link so that if there is anyone interested will scroll through the page and eventually the traffic increase for your search engine optimization.

Optimize your website for voice search

Well, this is a strategy that most companies are looking into now. The growth of mobile phones in recent years has been increasing a lot. Technology such as Alexa, Google Home, and Siri is being used widely. Most of the region started searching by voice search with long-tail keywords. The web designer and the content writers of the website have been heavily investing time on find the most searched voice search keywords.

For example- if a user searches for the best restaurant in Sri Lanka, there will be many restaurants that will be appearing. But just think the user searches for the best Italian food restaurant in Colombo. The best thing about voice search is that they find the exact match of the words and show the results accordingly. So make sure that the content in the website is very important when improving Search Engine optimization.


Audio SEO is a slowly growing practice. This is because it tends to be difficult for the developers to understand the Google algorithm. But the response rate is higher than the normal Search engine optimization method. However, without jumping straight away to the audio SEO make sure that your website is fast, utilized with proper keywords, and basic SEO is done.

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