There are plenty of WooCommerce plugins available in the market for you to make use of. Are you questioning about which one will give you a visible surge in sales and take your eCommerce business up a notch?

Don’t worry! We have hand-picked 4 tremendous WooCommerce plugins, with both the paid and free versions! Without a doubt, once you activate and start operating them, you will see the records on your sales increase.

Without additional ado, let’s discover what they have to offer, why we believe they are your finest bet, and how to get them operating for you right away. Let’s check the WooCommerce plugins to increase sales.


4 WooCommerce plugins to increase sales


Let’s check how you shall upsurge your eCommerce website sales with some cool add-ons available for WooCommerce


1. Product Addons For WooCommerce


Let’s check the first WooCommerce Plugins to increase sales. Adding custom-designed products improves one’s buying experience and takes out a wholly different layer to the retail therapy factor that clienteles are seeing forward to when they look at your goods.

Here come the lightweight WooCommerce product addons plugin falls in tremendously handy.

With this addon, you get a customs form builder which constructs it a breeze for you to get info from your clients on how they would enjoy their product tailored in the most structured and effective method.

For sample, if you are marketing customizable shirts and want your client to state the colour of their shirt, all you have to do is add the colour picker from your Product Add-on plugin and there is all that is required to make the purchasing process a user-friendly one.



Similar to the colour picker option, you shall also add other options in your goods form such as text box, drop-down, and checkboxes, and many more!



1.1.  Why Product Addons Plugin?


When purchasing something off the internet, the smaller the trouble, the more probable it is for one to go ahead with the buying.

No one wants to get the sense of having to fill a university admission application when they are purchasing their favourite goods. That is where the product add-on plugin does its magic

Some of the countless benefits that this plugin carries to your store are:

  • It got more than 22 custom fields to make use of.
  • You are not required to make the individual form for every product. You shall make a single form and then apply it on all the products and use conditional logic to hide the unwanted fields based on the product categories. 
  • Willing to provide discounted pricing for bulk purchasing, now you shall use customised pricing. 
  • Are there add-ons with your products that have to be estimated based on the variations set by every purchaser? Use the formula-based pricing

The good news is that to make your website user friendly and the purchasing process cleaner, you do not have to have brilliant coding skills at all.

All you must to know is how to drag and drop the fields options in the custom form builder: tick on that field and while ticking on it, take it to the form builder and edit it whatever you want. That’s it


1.2. How to set up the Product Addon Plugin to your WooCommerce website? 


This product has two versions: free and paid ones. Henceforth before downloading the plugin, choose if you want the paid version or you are OK with the free one.

The free edition WooCommerce Custom Fields can be downloaded and installed from WordPress plugin directory.

Step 1: Based on your choice, download the plugin file. (note for the paid version, you will have to buy the plugin file first)


Step 2: Upload the WooCommerce custom fields plugin file into your Website WordPress dashboard



Step 3: Click on products to enlarge the Product Tab and there, you will find Custom Product Section. Click on it. You will notice a window that has a list of numerous forms.

Step 4: Click on “Add New Product Form” to launch the custom form builder


You are all set to begin operating this remarkable product add-on plugin to hike your sales with your WooCommerce Website! Let’s check the next Let’s WooCommerce Plugins to increase sales.


2. Checkout Field Editor and Manager for WooCommerce


Let’s check the second WooCommerce Plugins to increase sales. The last step to the selling is the most vital one: the checkout! Purchasing items from the internet can be a pretty exhaustive experience, with the rumour of money scams and product fakes being a regular feature in the newspapers, clienteles are often very faltering when they are at the last step which is the checkout.

As the online store owner and designer, you must make the process super easy and swift for them.


Keep in mind that the lengthier the form is, or the slower the page takes to load, the more likely it becomes that the customer’s inconclusiveness wins over their want of your goods and they end up abandoning the sale for good.

Therefore, from the land of best UX practices, we have found this plugin to make sure that your purchaser enjoys a uniform checkout experience and you enjoy the transactions, winning its benefits without much awkward work on the checkout page.


2.1. Why Checkout Field Editor and Manager Addon?


With the WooCommerce Checkout Manager addon, your final checkout form flatters a customizable treat.

You can edit all fields in any method you want to show whatever you satisfy, all to your heart’s content, and according to what best sees your sales aims and desires.

Amongst the editable options, the checkout field editor plugin proposes you the features to:

  • You shall edit any fields that were set as default by WooCommerce
  • Add any new fields as per what info you want to get at checkout from your customers.
  • If you believe that the field placed last is vital and wants to be requested first, you can even alternate the field order
  • Some fields are just not appropriate. For example, why would you need to ask your client’s country if you only offer delivery in your neighbourhood? So, remove that field on checkout. That is one less question your clienteles have to response at checkout
  • Show all info that the purchaser has filled beforehand they make the final payment so that they can perform any edits they are not delighted with. This is completed with the Show in order details option
  • Show in emails choices works like the last one excluding with emails
  • Not satisfied with the field size. Fine-tune its width according to the significance of info
  • Set custom CSS class for formal elements for each field
  • Support for WPML and Poly lang is also offered


These are just some of the characters that are provided. Discover them now with a quick download of the WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Addon! Time to check the next Let’s WooCommerce Plugins to increase sales.


3. Dynamic Rating with Discount Rules for WooCommerce


Let’s check the third WooCommerce Plugins to increase sales. After welcoming design, the next tool to transfer your potential client into an explicit sale is to use an active pricing strategy, hence gaining higher profits for you and tempting more customers to click on the checkout button.


With WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing, eCommerce firms are speedily evaluating and measuring the statistics they get from websites like Google Adwords and Facebook Pixel to offer their customers particular discounts and tempting offers that lure them in for purchases instantly.

From there, it’s just a domino effect, the client buys one product and they get recommendations for more – the browsing then leads to more purchasing which leads to more cruising and so on.

Henceforth, you are watching for a quick-tempered upsurge in your profits and revenues in the long run. The cleverer your prices, the more strategic your commerce.


3.1. Why The WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing With Discount Rules Plugin?


Once you choose on your strategy, you do not want a bother in setting reductions each time.

Hence, with this plugin, you get a complete user interface that allows you set deductions based on set measures that you can succeed so that all that you have to is arranged the rules once, and your WooCommerce website with the help of WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin accomplishes your business game competently and precisely without you having to breakdown a sweat over it.

Some of the overwhelming features that we are speaking about with this plugin include:

  • Select from a range of discount types or set the offer rules yourself based on how you want your goods to be priced
  • Suggest discounts based on visitors. If that user is a potential large fish, you want to offer them superior discounts and deals, so they convert as your long-lasting client. This is simply done with user limits where you can set the reductions and offers based on that user’s role, their amount spent, the amount spent on their last order, etc. Moreover, it is also possible to set offers for specific users.
  • You can plan your discounts for whatever date or time you need for example for a festive holiday or black Fridays.
  • The pricing table can be shown which displays clienteles what discounts they will get with diverse bulk quantities
  • You can even set a time limit for the goods on sale with sale symbols and timers
  • WPML and PolyLang Support is also accessible with this remarkable plugin for Dynamic Pricing with Discount Rules

Let’s explore the next Let’s WooCommerce Plugins to increase sales.

4. Product Labels for WooCommerce


Let’s check the fourth WooCommerce Plugins to increase sales. Clienteles are more likely to click on goods with badges. A lot of eCommerce website owners offer countless of offers such as free shipping, discounts, and sale among others.

Though, clienteles do not get to know about those offers unless they order and the others just bounce from your eCommerce website.


With the WooCommerce Product Labels plugin, it has now become simpler than ever to highpoint the special attributes of each item with a sticker/badge that shows right atop the image of the good and is impossible to slip while purchasing.

Got new goods added to your eCommerce store? Add a symbol that says NEW! On the latest add-ons. If you have goods on limited stock, add that on the product with a Limited Stock badge.

These are just some of the numerous ways that you can tempt your potential client to click on your goods and then click on the Add to Cart choice


4.1. Why Go for The Product Labels Plugin?


Firstly, symbols like these had to be amended into every single product picture making the whole process tremendously complex and exhausting.

Though, the WooCommerce Product Badges plugin marks it a breeze to make your badges once and then apply them to whichever goods you want.

Furthermore, the feature-rich plugin also allows you to set timers on these symbols, so you want to thoroughly remove each badge on your own. Instead, it will be removed on its own based on the time that you mentioned in the setting.

This simple to use plugin suggests a range of styles and tendencies that you can use for your badges or you can put your imaginative hat on and modify your badges according to your wish.

With live preview, the changes that you do to your symbols will be promptly seen so that you can edit the goods with comfort.




Those are the four WooCommerce Plugins to increase sales. What are you waiting for, add these plugins to your console now, install them, and start using them right away if you want to upsurge your sales? 

Let us know which WooCommerce plugin got you the most Return on Investment (ROI) and which one is your preferred in the comment section.

Stay tuned to keep studying about the finest methods to run your eCommerce Website with smart approaches so that you do not have to study to code, make any efforts, and yet you can reap reimbursements in the form of supreme sales.

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