Hello everyone! As usual, we brought you some exciting facts on connecting UI Design and writing. First and foremost, lets us explore this Ui design and Ui writing. When you are using your computer, you will witness a beautiful interface with icons. That is designed from UI design. The definition of Ui design is the design of the user interfaces such as machines and software. Such as mobile applications, computers, and other electronic devices. It’s a process of building an interface that communicates to the user what’s important. It makes user sections as easy, simple, and efficient as possible.

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There are three types of interactions between users and designers.

  • GUI – Graphical User Interface

You might have heard of GUI before. The desktop you are working on is an example of a GUI. Users will interact with the visuals on the screen

  • Control Through voice

Siri and Alexa are popular with us. Those are the else for the office control through voice. Most smart t assistants are using this.

  • Interactive interfaces utilizing gestures.

In other words, this is the magic of today’s rapid development of technology. Users can interact with the 3D design environment through their bodies. VR games will be a good example of that.

UI designs are targeted more at the surface and the overall look of the design.

In Ui design designer is focused on the visuals. When creating the design, the designer’s goal is always to create consistent, accessible, and functional products. It’s important because Ui design is critical for companies to reduce the issues and create loyalty within the customer base.

So, let’s explore UI writing. My writing simply stands for User Interface writing. With your writing, you will communicate with the user. In UI writing you have to include simple words and sentence structure without jargon and specific terms. Since you are directly communicating with the user the error messages should be also clear. Your writing should be friendlier with the user.

 So now you might have a clear idea of UI design and UI writing. Now it’s time to discuss getting them together.

Be Simple- Communicate is highly important

UI focuses on the interface that the user is working with. Whether it’s a mobile phone interface, computer, or interface it should be friendly to the user. It doesn’t mean that the creation of UI design or UI writing is so easy to do. It’s not easy to create. There is a working process to create a successful UI design and UI writing.

The work targets the user. What mostly matters is whether the user is having an amazing experience while using your work. In other words, easy to use for the user should be what matters most. It should be with fewer distractions to the user. Keeping your writing simple and clear makes it more likely that the user can focus on completing the task. Your content can’t overwhelm users. Your content and design should be with less information. People don’t want to remember multiple information through pages. You can get writing and design on the same board to get a clear output. To create simple content, it will be so important to have good communication and work together for a successful plan. Through communication, you will meet the customer’s expectations and it will be a great advantage for the next steps.

Do Research on the structure?

In getting UX Design and UI writing it’s better to do research together to give a successful output. It’s two different fields. But when working together on how the workflow should go They can share their ideas and mainly it will give them enough to come up with the best plan for creating content for UI design and writing which will be user-friendly. It will encourage both parties to learn about each other It is really important for successful work.

Writers should be aware of what is UI design and what are the latest updates of it. Not only the writer but also the designer should understand the content strategy of UI writing. The designer is focused on creating graphics for the interface and the writer is focused on writing content but together they create wonders.

Always break the barriers that slow down interaction and decision-making and your collaborative work. When doing the research, always focus on the problems which affect both of you and work on the needs of both of you. Always brainstorm the customer journey map. Finally, you are targeting the user so the user should be satisfied with the work.

Build the design around the content.

This tip is for mainly UI designers. Are you used to creating the designs first and focused on writing seconds? That’s a common mistake that lots of designers make. Text is really important in designing. If the designer missed the subtitle text space writers should be aware of it. The writer is the person who knows the importance of managing the texts. If the designer was unable to build their design around the content it will be a disaster. The designer will have to spend lots of time changing the design for the space for Ui writing.

So now you know some coolest tips to bring Ui design and Ui writing together. Let us talk about things that you shouldn’t do when bringing those two together.

When bringing UI design and writing don’t do those!

Design and writing are two different tasks but to get a successful output you have to work together. So, don’t separate the workspaces. Successful results come from working together.

This tip is especially for designers. Don separate the writer they are a part of the content strategy circuit. Mainly you’re expecting a concept based on factors such as business requirements, user expectations so don’t ask the UI writer to fix text or an image of the component.
So, if you are interested in developing we hope you got lots of information about UX and UI design and how to get it all together. We hope this knowledge will be a great benefit for you.