Why do you need a business email? A business email usually comes under the domain name. It’s the second important thing for an online presence after the website. A customer business email would make you look more professional and increase customer trust.

The difference between the normal email and business email? Most people worldwide create their own Gmail and they do their business transactions over the mail. But just think, your business name is mybusiness and your Gmail name is [email protected]. By creating a professional email your name would be [email protected]. Let’s look at some advantages of having a professional email.



Imagine obtaining a purchase receipt from a @gmail.com email address What impression does it leave on you of the online store that sent you the email?

The main benefit of a personalized email address is that it makes your company appear more professional in online discussions. You don’t even have to have an internet store to participate. Even ordinary websites must send many emails to potential customers and visitors in order to offer information, newsletters, or routine responses.

People have grown to expect businesses to have customized emails, regardless of how tiny they are. Of course, you can continue to engage your consumers using generic emails, but that appears to be a lot less professional. A professional email address establishes credibility, especially if it originates from a reputable website. This will increase your business’s ability to attract new clients. Let’s check on the next factor of why do you need a business email

Branding and marketing

According to studies, 63% of the world’s population will be using email by 2022. Given this, it’s probably a good idea to spend in developing a solid email marketing strategy. Choosing a web hosting service that allows you to create a custom email address is one example.

A branded email address can make an impression and help reinforce your brand wherever it appears, from your email signature to your business cards. It makes sense to pay special attention to what clients see in the From box when considering the Return On Investment (ROI) for email marketing. 

When it comes to marketing, personalized emails are crucial. You can’t expect to make a favorable impression by communicating with other businesses or marketing channels utilizing a free email account. You’re already behind your competition if you don’t have a personalized email, to begin with. Let’s check on the next factor of why do you need a business email


Generic email addresses pose a significant risk to your organization since anyone can open a generic email that appears to be from your company and use it to fool your consumers. Let’s say you use [email protected] to send emails to your subscribers. Anyone can appear to be you by opening a similar-looking email.

A personalized email address is linked to your domain name. Except for you, no one else can have a @yourbusinessname.com email address. This means that your consumers will have no trouble trusting these emails, and you can rest assured that no one else will be able to copy your email addresses. Let’s check on the next factor of why do you need a business email

Reduce the spam emails

Email marketing can be a lucrative technique, but only if your messages don’t end up in spam folders. If a message comes from a free service like Yahoo or Gmail, the recipient’s email account is more likely to designate it as spam.

Consider sending an invoice and receiving no response from your customer because your email was misdirected to their spam bin. As your company grows and you start dealing with hundreds of emails every day, it’s critical that your recipients receive all of your emails in their inboxes.

Branded emails from well-known platforms convey to inboxes that your communications are less dangerous and that it’s fine to accept them. Keeping this in mind, sending your business marketing emails from a Yahoo Mail or Gmail address may be hurting your conversion rate. Let’s check on the next factor of why do you need a business email

Standardize business email

It might help your business appear more professional if you use a personalized email address that matches your website domain. It can also help you standardize the appearance of all emails sent by your company. You won’t have to worry about employees utilizing off-brand or inappropriate email addresses for workplace interactions as your company expands.

Sales, support, marketing, and other departments of a normal business usually have their own email addresses. It’s a lot easier to create and handle email addresses like [email protected], [email protected], and so on when you have a custom email address. Separating emails in this manner has become standard, and customers are familiar with these email addresses.

You can also use a generic email provider to create these emails, but managing them will be much more complicated. Furthermore, as previously said, clients are unlikely to trust essential emails sent from a generic address rather than a professional one. Let’s check on the next factor of why do you need a business email

Control & Security of the business email

You will have no influence over an employee’s personal email addresses once they leave your company. However, if all of your employees utilize business emails, you can effortlessly retain and transfer all of their data. This is critical for any firm because an employee’s email typically gives them access to sensitive information and contacts. Moreover, the company also can track the active and inactive employees.

Allowing employees to use their personal email accounts for work purposes puts your organization in danger. Personal email accounts are frequently hacked, even if your staff has the best of intentions. This can jeopardize key corporate information as well as cause significant disruptions in ongoing conversations. When you provide your staff personalized email addresses, they’re intended to use them just at work. As a result, the danger of exposure is reduced. Let’s check on the next factor of why do you need a business email

It is easy to setup

Getting custom domain emails is simple if you have a website. After you’ve completed the setup, you can use your domain emails in the same way you would any other personal email account. You can always call your web design or online marketing business for assistance with the first set-up or some quick training. Tectera handles all aspects of custom domain email setup and maintenance. Please do not hesitate to contact our professionals if you need personalized business emails quickly.