In Business, Change is the only constant. SEO trends are no exception. With the demanding rivalry among businesses to enable their websites to appear at the top rankings of search engine scores, you need to keep yourself up to date of the tendencies for 2021 so that your trade will continue noticeable over the internet.

It goes without saying that if you flop to make your website noticeable in search engine results, you will probably be out of the trade. As such, it will benefit if your gear up yourself to stay upfront in the intense SEO race in 2021 with the below-mentioned steps:

What are the SEO Trends in 2021?

In this article let’s discuss the top 10 trends for SEO in 2021

1. Voice Search Optimization: Next Level SEO

SEO in 2021

When you search for impactful SEO strategies for 2021, you shouldn’t miss out on voice search. The tendency of individuals doing online searches with their voices has been rising gradually. And findings show that voice queries now account for nearly half of online searches. As such, optimize your web page for voice search to influence the trend.

Today, users want hasty and appropriate answers, so they wish talking to the search engine rather than typing the request.

With voice search, you get the tractability of doing online search everywhere and anytime and get the info you want. It doesn’t matter if you are on your way to somewhere, in a situation where you can’t type, or do not have enough free time to key in. Voice search has become a matter of ease rather than a superfluity.

So, when you improve your web page for voice search, it will support if you consider the most likely enquiries people do and the related answers. You can start some paragraphs of articles on your web page, like ‘what,’ ‘when,’ or ‘how.

It will also assist if you think the niches where individuals are likely to do voice searches while writing the website content. For sample, there is a strong possibility of people using the Google Assistant to procurement stuff like cinema tickets, schedules, and premieres.

Similarly, folks are apt to do voice searches for looking for stuff, such as life hacks, food recipes, food video tutorials, how-to’s, etc. Individuals also tend to use voice to search restaurants with their menus and their store hours, and so on. As such, you need to consider the type of professional, structured data, and local optimization.

There is also a bit of dissimilarity in how search engines process informal queries and simple keyword hunts. Throughout handling conversational queries, search engines interpret what the user needs and then proceeds the best similar results.

In the circumstance of voice search, the Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology is useful in supporting search engines to process search queries. NLP contributions search engines by analysing speech and interpreting user queries. And it functions with unique patterns, accents, dialects and other human speech characteristics.

Concurrently, it would help if you did not fall behindhand in optimizing your website for mobiles as voice search as people mainly do voice searches on mobile phones.

Speed is an additional desperate factor for enhancing your website for voice search. You need to accept in mind that your website will not catch Google Assistant’s attention if you can’t deliver fast results against search request.

2. Prove Your Authority: E.A.T. Concept

The Expertise, Authority, and Trust (E.A.T.) concept characterises itself as a webmaster (or a copywriter), imitating a capable professional who makes quality content, free of unconstructiveness.

 # Why is E.A.T. Important?

The significance of E.A.T. rises from Google’s intent to get related and proven info. If your website bears content that might upset user feelings, then Google’s algorithm will push your website to the deepest SERP coatings so that it will achieve very badly in search engine results.

So, you must make sure you distribute trustworthy and clean content. Improper data might be a tragedy for your website rankings and are probable to get bad reviews. If you do not take care to script fresh content, users might ultimately dump your website.

 # How to Work the Best With E.A.T.?

The finest way to work with E.A.T. is to initiate yourself correctly in your website’s About Us section. In that section, you can define who you are, your accomplishments, and the explanations why people should use your business offerings.

You should add a backlink to and from faithful sources as these days persons do not trust unidentified or doubtful sources. If they find your links mistrustful, they will not believe you. So, disregard backlinks from very low authority or inappropriate domains, if you have any, using Google Disavow. It will also help if you eschew connecting to mistrustful domains.

It is not just your website from where people can learn about you and your services. There are additional online sources too. Thus, make determinations to gather optimistic reviews about your business on other internet reliable review platforms.

3. JavaScript SEO

You can anticipate the tendency of using JavaScript on websites to raise in the future. With JavaScript, you can make your website content dynamic and attritive.

JavaScript SEO is a compartment of the technical SEO that sorts powerful JavaScript-powered websites, which are:

•          Comfortable for search engines such as Google to fully crawl, render, and index

•          Available for users with non-operational browsers

•          Loads quick notwithstanding having to parse and execute JavaScript code

If Google can’t index any of your website content, it will ruthlessly influence the page rankings. It will help if you:

 # Check the Probability of Rendering and Indexing JavaScript

To figure out how you can correctly crawl and index JavaScript, you have to check out how Google renders the page. You can make a trial using the Live Test URL tool inside Google search console or the Rich Results Tester that lets you see created page code for both Googlebot Smartphone and Desktop.

If you collapse to see the extracted pages alike to your website’s live pages, you can determine that JavaScript resources did not load properly.

 # Optimizing JavaScript Resources

If you discover that there is no proper adaptation and indexing of your JavaScript resources, you must do things energetically.

One of the weaknesses of JavaScript is client-side rendering, but you can fix the issue by swopping over to server-side execution or dynamic execution.

You must figure out the code that is producing the rendering issues by observing at your page sections that do not correctly load. Then:

•          Avoid JavaScript mistakes, as that will inactivate JavaScript to load any content on your site for crawlers or users

•          Not ever block JavaScript within robots.txt as it must be reachable to search engine crawlers

•          Ignore using # in URLs as Google avoids #, and that might counteract Google from retrieving the content

•          Make sure that unknown content can be reachable. If you use JavaScript for showing unknown content, Google may not be able to crawl the content except there is a specific URL

4. Influencers: Social Media Meets SEO

It will support if you pull an influencer’s popularity, such as a well-known actor or singer, to build brand awareness and upsurge your reach to customers.

When the conception of an influencer arrives into your mind, you may verge to think only the big icons who have immense social media followers. But that is not wholly true. An influencer can be any individual who has a significant influence on the supporters on their social media channels.

Teaming up with an influencer can support a trade to impactfully market its business presents. As individuals are more likely to believe and employ with an influencer, they are likely to trust the brand which the influencer endorses. As such, the business is likely to see increasing sales.

If you work with an influencer, it will involve considerable benefits, such as wider reach, better-quality brand awareness, and excellence backlinks to your website. As such, you will see superior traffic and positions ultimately better SEO. But, do not fall behindhand in selecting an influencer who is related and valued in your industry. Also, it would help if you complete your goals and anticipations clear with the influencer.

5. Artificial Intelligence: Marking User Experiences

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has made inroads to online search and henceforth the SEO pitch too. Google uses A.I. to advance search results, categorise, and rank pages in search engine results. At the same time, A.I. joins all the latest trends and technologies to originate the best search results. Therefore, integrate artificial intelligence into your SEO strategy.

Google’s endeavour into the A.I. begun in 2010 when it combined the Caffeine update which was a new web indexing system. It enhanced the method by which Google crawled data and stored what it found. The update had allowed Google to fast-track its crawl process, increase its index and return speedier results. The search titan had afterwards announced A.I.based updates: Panda in 2011, Hummingbird in 2013 and RankBrain in 2015.

When it comes to the connotation of A.I. with search engines, you must keep two necessary facts in mind:

•          Content plays a huge role

•          A wise SEO strategy is a must

6. Page Experience – Core Metrics

It is no longer a top-secret that Google’s new page experience update will go live in 2021. As Google proclaimed with a long lead time, it is equitable to expect that it will be active.

Google has already involved user experience as a part of its algorithm, which includes features such as site security (https), page speed, invasive interstitials, mobile-friendliness, and secure browsing.

The ranking factors comprised in the newest update are already a portion of page speed insights. But the distinction is that Google will further improve the factors and weight them unconnectedly with more importance.

The novel ranking factors are named Core Web Vitals, and you can measure those in a new report in the Google search console. Those are:

# First Input Delay (FID)

The FID portion refers to somebody who can first interrelate with the page. The page must have an FID of less than 100 ms for guaranteeing a good user experience.

 # Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

It would be finest if you did not get disorderly with the first contentful paint. L.C.P. events the loading performance of the vastest content on screen. Ideally, the measurement has to occur within 2.5 secs to elicit a good user experience. So, you have to elevate your website for speed.

# Cumulative Layout Shift (C.L.S.)

It is a novel factor for web page experience. The C.L.S. actions the visual stability of elements on the screen. You have to make determinations to continue a C.L.S. of less than one seconds for your web pages.

7. Search Engines: Multi-Platform Optimization

Google is not the solo search engine that you can find on the internet. There are other search engines, such as Bing, DuckDuckGo StartPage, Gibiru, Ekoru and Search Encrypt. The key difference is that Google is the most flagrant and trendy search engine.

As you can’t expect die-hard fans to switch search engines, you have to optimize your web page for several search engines and search-enabled platforms.

8. Video Marketing

Videos have become trendy marketing tools for businesses. People currently tend to watch a video rather than reading to get info. A new study by Google presented that six out of ten persons favour watching online videos rather than T.V.

You should thus comprise video content on your website. And it would aid if you made sure that the videos you comprise cover helpfully, applicable, and well-timed content. 

Instantaneously, you also have to optimize your videos for search engines by enhancing applicable keywords to each video title and description to appeal to customers.

9. Structured Data

Structured data allows Google to realise what the content on a page is around. The thoughtful can help your site to become a featured snippet that will entice more and more responsiveness. It can be whatsoever such as the top result at Position Zero, an entrance in the Answers section, which might be a “Q&A menu”, or the Knowledge Panel on the higher right of a results page.

But becoming a featured snippet is a vast challenge. It will help if you try to counter this experiment on your own. What you can do is, create high-value content with valuable keywords and structure your data (using Schema). In this way, you can confirm that it will be a top-notch response for a definite query.

 # How to Optimize for Featured Snippets?

To optimize your web page for featured snippets, you will have to work on the design of your content. Nevertheless, that does not suggest that you need to alteration some elements of your script style. You can just add a few minor details that will ease your work with searchers and Google. For instance, you can start your articles with the meanings of the terms you are going to use in the article or your title. Google can reflect such content as the most applicable short answers to searchers’ enquiries.

# Apply Schema Markup

Schema is a developing concept that assistances in expressing the context of an enquiry and shorten page content. It allows search engines to simply understand what that page is about. Once you add schema to your web page, it will generate rich snippets in search. They are improved listings that are more appealing to a searcher.

Rich snippets give thorough info about your page content. They can comprise elements such as pricing info, review scores, product accessibility, images, and videos.

Schema markup benefits you to develop manifest in the SERPs, such as marked-up FAQ pages that have a better gamble to show in the SERPs in the form of rich outcomes.

10. Progressive Web Apps [P.W.A.]

There is no clear-cut explanation of how you can influence Progressive Web Apps (P.W.A.) to advance your SEO, yet it has been witnessed that they can upsurge user engagements. In core, P.W.A.s are app-like web pages that are ambitious by the browser. And searchers get the proficiency of using a standalone application. Some exemplars are Housing.com, Starbucks, Airbnb, Yummly, and Twitter.

When it comes to customer experiences, Google describes P.W.A.s as trustworthy, firm, and engaging because:

•          Loads swiftly and runs well even in lowly network circumstances

•          Replies promptly to user collaborations with smooth animation

•          Stand the look and feel of an app


SEO is a huge subject and there can’t be an end to the tech basics to pay attention to in the developing world of SEO. Nevertheless, the above stated are the ones which are predictable to be the most vital to have a well-optimized website in 2021.

Have enquiries or want to know how your site is piling up to the new Google update? Drop us a line.

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