Most of the companies have an e-commerce platform nowadays, the number of e-commerce websites has increased thoroughly in this pandemic. But most of the companies think about how to keep the customers visiting them and purchase their product? How to have repeat sales for e-commerce business?

The major fact is that you can first increase the sales through the normal routine of driving more customers to the website. This can be done using Search Engine Optimization, PPC, Social media campaigns, etc. This would keep your website top on the page, which would eventually bring more customers, and your sales would increase. If they see your website always standing in the front, it will keep the business name in the customer’s mind. However, there are more methods that can increase sales in your e-commerce business.

10 tips on how to increase the e-commerce business

  • Focus on the existing and the new customers
  • Offer discounts with repeat purchase and bulk orders
  • Customer-friendly website
  • Answer your customers immediately
  • Let them track the product
  • Create an email marketing strategy
  • Reduce the number of Ads on the page
  • Give the assurance to the customer
  • Get the use of social media

Focus on the existing and the new customers

The key person of the business is the CUSTOMER. There are few easy steps that you can build a customer relationship with the business. Make sure that any customer who purchases should create an account. This would give the advantage to identify the customer persona and create a marketing strategy according to him.

Which you eventually understand the customer’s mind and you send an email on the offers and promotions the person is interested in. The next thing you could do is that you identify the loyal and the active customer to offer special discounts. This would increase the morale of the other big customers in your company to purchase more to get more discounts.

With the new customers, we should play different strategies. We don’t know anything about the customer persona until he searches for a specific product. For any new customer who enters a new website, the first thing they will think is this a trusted website? Will I get my product? What happens if I pay, and I don’t get my product? The first thing you can do is to attach certain testimonials from the customer who has purchased from your website.

This would gain a good impression on the website that customers would believe that products will be received to their hand and other people also has given their reviews. You could also add the number of purchases that have happened in a certain product. For example- your company sells oven and you can specially mention that in product A 200 has been sold and product B 80 has been sold. Let’s check on the next strategy to get repeat sales for e-commerce businesses.


Offer discounts with repeat purchase and bulk orders

Most of the customers like this concept, there are three categories of people in online purchasing. Price orientated- who checks for the lower price and discounts to purchase the product. Quality orientated- People who prefer the best quality over any price. Brand orientated- People who purchase only in a specific brand at any rate. The most crowded are the price orientated customers.

Furthermore, these customers tend to come again and again to purchase other products that are available in your company. The advantage the company would get here is the referral customers. People will refer to your website due to the huge discounts and everyone will start visiting your website to purchase the product.

Offering discount every day or week can give you a huge success, this is because customer tends to come and check your website often to see the sale. This would increase the traffic of the website which would help the search engine optimization. Moreover, when a customer wants to buy in a huge quantity. Add a button saying get a quote, which will only be appearing for huge orders.

The customer should attach their mobile number and email address. After understanding the quantity, you can send a different quote by reducing the unit price. You can also add coupons and codes for your protentional customers to increase your sales. Let’s check on the next strategy to get repeat sales for e-commerce businesses.

Customer-friendly website

Anyone who visits your website should be able to understand and purchase the product without any assistance. Make sure that the purchasing process of the website is complicated. Because when the customer doesn’t under the system on how to use it. They will leave your website and check into another one. To achieve this, make sure that your website has an attractive design without much information jumbled.

The page should be accessible on any device when customers logins, be responsive, pay on any device, and have a simple check-out process. Let’s check on the next strategy to get repeat sales for e-commerce businesses. Customers tend to spend more time on the phone than their PC or laptop. Numerous numbers of people, go through the website on the phone and check the products first and find the relevant information. After they decide customers tend to log in to a PC or laptop and purchase the product. Always make the customer valued after every purchase they make on the website.

Answer your customers immediately

Even there is information that has been put out in the product description. Customers might have different questions or preferences that they might need. For example- A user might want to check whether they have another color in the product they are looking for. You can create a chatbot or email id to send it to the company.

You can design certain questions that will be answered from the chat and both and when the bot doesn’t have the question in the query, you can automate it to an email address of the company to provide more information. When the response is quick, the customer purchasing the product is also guaranteed. Let’s check on the next strategy to get repeat sales for e-commerce businesses.

Let them track the product

This is an option where only some companies have, after purchasing the product online. The customer doesn’t know the time and date they will receive the product. Adding this particular option would get you great trust from the customers. You don’t have to complicate the system by adding GPS and greater options. The easiest thing that you can do is to address the process of the product.

When the customer logins to his account and checks his purchase. He should be able to know where the product is, either in the warehouse, packaging, ready to deliver, or dispatched. Showing the status of the product would reduce the number of problems like customers sending mail and checking on when the product will be received and more. Let’s check on the next strategy to get repeat sales for e-commerce businesses.

Create an email marketing strategy

Sending a regular email to the customer would create them repeat purchase. Unlike the ads and other marketing methods. Email marketing has no expenses. But this method won’t work with all the customers who are using your product and you might think everyone won’t open your email. This is where you should play a crucial strategy, the email title has a greater impact even before they open the mail. The customer looks at the title and after that only they will open and make sure you link the mail to your website with the product.

Email marketing is not only to make a repeat purchase. But, to make customers remind your brand name the in their mind. They might not be interested but when they have some need. They will remember your website first and go to others. Don’t worry, if the customers don’t like the email marketing, they would unsubscribe from your listing which is not an issue. Furthermore, use email marketing software to create the mail and send. This would show you how many people are clicking on the mail and how the customers are responding. Let’s check on the next strategy to get repeat sales for e-commerce businesses.

Reduce the number of Ads on the page

As an e-commerce brand, you know that customer has access to the internet. Which you means they can see your ads too. Reduce the Ads on the page, because they already exploring your page and the task of the website it makes them purchase. However, increase the ads outside of your page. The ads shouldn’t be clustered with information and the customers shouldn’t just get to all the information by looking at the ad.

 For example- there is a stock clearance that you must make. The main strategy a company would follow is to give discounts. You create the poster saying discounts on the limited products. Hurry up and purchase now! If the customer sees your ad and notices it. They would eventually come at least to check the products that you have, some may end up buying. Finally, you don’t have to showcase your ads to everyone. You can configure only to the people who visited your website and who are the potential customers. Let’s check on the next strategy to get repeat sales for e-commerce businesses.

Give the assurance to the customer

As mentioned before, there are many e-commerce websites in the market. The customer chooses the website where he will receive the product. There are many scams website which tends to get money from the customer but never delivers. This happens even on the websites like eBay. You can expect to have a repeat sale for e-commerce business when the service is bad within the business.

Bad service means not only getting the money and not sending the product. This also includes the time of delivery of the product. If you take around 3 to 4 months to deliver a product, the customer wouldn’t purchase your product next time. The faster you deliver the products, the higher customer satisfaction and higher the repeat sales.

Ask for feedback from customers to ensure whether they are satisfied and any suggestions they have. You won’t be able to do everything according to the feedback. But you might get a major impact from acting according to the feedback. Furthermore, add something to the packaging. This is to give something extra to the customer with the product. It can vary according to the product and the business. For example- if the customer is ordering a refrigerator from your website. You can add another small electronic item with attaching as a gift. Let’s check on the next strategy to get repeat sales for e-commerce businesses.

Get the use of social media

Social media is another helpful tool that can drive repeat sales for e-commerce businesses. This is the place where you can announce the new product and any deals that are upcoming. 76.8% of global customers purchase products online. 44.8% of global users use social media to search for brand-related stuff. By the use of social media, you can promote your brand and generate more sales. Another advantage is to connect with your customers. Your website tends to be an open account and customers might tag your company and share your product. Which you can re-share and build the trust of the customers.

You can also promote your local brands; you can get a greater reach by sharing them and tagging them. You can reduce the number of google ads and start promoting through your social media and give updates to the customer. You can also engage the customer with the business by putting out multiple-choice questions and releasing memes. The company can use other attractive methods like video marketing strategy to get more crowd involved. Let’s check on the next strategy to get repeat sales for e-commerce businesses.


Blogs can be helpful for your SEO purpose. It’s not only people coming and purchasing your product but to come in the up. Certain keywords will be used to generate more people to access your website. Because when you open an e-commerce website, people should get to know about that, so there to has been a lot of promotions and branding to happen. But without spending and getting traffic is to create through blogs. You can use this not only to write about the company and other usual stuff that is happening. You can write about the customers and you could get stories from a customer which would show that business does engage with their users.