Looking for tips to increase Google rankings? Then you need good SEO practices to achieve that. As great as SEO is, it is a slow and deliberate process that can take time to be effective. How fast you reach the top of Google rankings depends on the skill level, budget, and level of competition your business is up against.

Just updating your website content and redesigning it does not mean you would get instant engagement. It can take between 2 months to a year for your site to make any impact, also, just because you gave your website a new look and utilized SEO does not mean you can just wait for things to happen — constant improvement and activity is a very important factor in directing more traffic to your website.

We have compiled 5 free tips to Increase Google Rankings;

1. User-friendlyness

Starting with a very basic tip — have a well designed, user-friendly website. It doesn’t matter that your SEO campaign is incredible if your website structure and content placement are bad your rankings will reduce fast.

Think about what kind of website design would best suit your company message and who your audience is. Design it in a way people can easily navigate and get to the information in a quick, organized manner. Another thing to think about is smartphone optimization, this is a great way to show that your website is up to date and user friendly. If your website is not a conversion-driven website, you can consider getting support from Tectera web design team to redesign your website.

2. Mobile Friendly

Your site must be mobile-friendly, it should look good on a smartphone screen as well, and make sure people can navigate the site easily. Take your time to perfect this as this is a determining factor for Google mobile rankings.

Don’t have users scrolling down an endless page, create your site in a way that they can access any page easily. Make sure images aren’t too heavy as this can slow down the loading speed.

3. Optimize page loading speed

If visitors have to spend a long time waiting for images to load and tabs to open then that is not a good sign. Your audience can easily lose interest and patience, and this is not what you want for your website. You can optimize speed by compressing images, browser caching using plugins, and script handling.

4. Run an SEO audit

This will allow you to see how well your site is doing. The SEO audit will evaluate your website and rate its ability to pop up on the search engine results page (SERPs).

The SEO audit will let you see where you stand with your competitors, what changes the site needs, a general overview of SEO efficiency, and site weaknesses. With this information, you can easily improve your website’s search engine performance.

5. Links

Internal and external links influence the Google ranking of your website. Therefore you should make sure everything is in working order. Do not overlook any 404 errors, fix broken links so that your users will not get frustrated. Only use relevant exact match anchor texts, do not spam your content with many unnecessary external links.

Set a Google Alert to keep track of your website mentions throughout the internet and see if your site mentions are linked. If not, request the webmaster to make the mention a link.

We hope that these tips will help you optimize your site accordingly and that your site will be visible at the top of search engine results. For more tips to Increase Google Rankings, please contact us at www.tectera.com

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