The internet is an amazing space to construct as well as sprout business. Online businesses have certain pros, such as small overhead, quick to set up, and broader reach; that encouraged many entrepreneurs to build an e-commerce store.

And the amount of such entrepreneurs is gradually increasing. At the meantime, the trend of buyers shopping online is becoming more and more trendy with every passing day. With COVID19 the customers are mainly looking for online stores to purchase goods for their daily usage. Today we will be focusing on the Critical eCommerce Mistakes to Avoid

Running a successful e-commerce business is akin to a rock climber, who needs the right set of tools, a good strategy and firm determination to reach the goal. Any deviation in these imperatives would mean the climber is likely to fall—so is the case with e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Despite the plusses of online business, many businesspersons fail due to the missteps they commit knowingly or unknowingly.

From selecting the incorrect e-commerce platform to disregarding customer service, you can commit numerous such mistakes that would obstruct your online business. To limit blockages and to steer your online business along the moneymaking lines, you can take the support of Tectera, one of the best web development company, based at Colombo in Sri Lanka.

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Figure out if you are obligating any (or all) of the below mentioned 10 mistakes, and if you do so, avoid those to weed out weaknesses against your eCommerce business.

Top 10 Critical eCommerce Mistakes

#1 Wrong eCommerce Platform

Choosing the incorrect e-commerce platform can crash your business. And that is an expensive mistake. You shall use the eCommerce website not only to sell goods but also entice and retain clients. The eCommerce platform also plays a critical role in ascending your business. So, do not select your platform in rush, allocate time in selecting a platform that outfits your business model.

You must consider the following factors before confirming the e-commerce platform:

•          The goods you are going to sell

•          Your climbing up plan

•          Tools to incorporate

•          The budget you formulate

•          Whether tailored or template designs

•          The values you want to distribute with your clienteles

An incorrect eCommerce platform can involve reduced conversions, decrease in traffic, safety issues, lesser revenue, and other interruptions. So, devote time to figure out the platform that fits into your business model.

Specialized in WooCommerce e-commerce, Tectera can help you in selecting the correct e-commerce platform. Let’s check the next Critical eCommerce Mistakes to Avoid

#2 Failing to Understand Your Target Audience

Just having the correct e-commerce platform and settling it with your goods will not work in building your online business enterprise successful. Defining as well as understanding your target clienteles is the key to victory. Only when you recognise them correctly, you can create a user experience that is in tune with their flavours and favourites, and that will tempt them to return to your e-commerce website again and again.

So, perform detailed market research to understand:

•          Customer segments requiring your products

•          Mode of communication with them to make them recognize your goods easily

•          Marketing strategies you will implement to put your focus clienteles at the centre

Numerous times, business owners tend to push apart the need for understanding their target customers and so it takes significant time to figure out what makes them tick. Avoid this error.

You can understand who your ideal clienteles by could be running market research to figure out:

•          Their discomfort points

•          What solutions they tried in the past, and what did not work

•          The standards they prefer

•          How they contract themselves with online content

•          What resolutions your products offer to them

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#3 Un-scalable Website

You must not think slight when it comes to designing and developing your eCommerce website. Guarantee that your website can adapt a wide range of goods and comprise complex features, so that, you have the flexibility of upward your business.

If your website is not ascendable then it will debilitate your commercial growth. So, assure sure that your e-commerce website can handle the growing number of goods to make your business grow.

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#4 Poor UX

One of your main motives is to convert website visitors into customers. So, you need to deliver good UX exclusive of complex navigation features.

If your website is awkward, the visitors are likely to abandon your website and go to your competitor’s website. And this would mean that you will lose clientele.

So, avoid unclear navigation features on your website and hard-to-find content to ease guests in browsing your goods.

You can consult an eCommerce development company, such as Tectera Sri Lanka, to enhance your website for flat navigation and upright user experience.

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#5 SEO Unfriendly Content

For e-commerce websites, content is the king as your business trusts on the importance of web traffic. If the content on your eCommerce website is not SEO friendly, then guests will not be able to find your website as it will not be ranked in search engine results when someone searches for your products online.

Content on every page of your e-commerce website has to be written in SEO friendly ways so that your website invites more and more clientele and that is the basis of your business to function positively. Making your website noticeable among more and more guests helps in tempting them to purchase your goods.

Numerous times, online business entrepreneurs commit the error of discounting the need for optimizing content for search engine results. They rather fail to recognize that each content on the website allows the possibility to fetch business.

Thus, connect with an SEO agency to optimize the content on your e-commerce website for Google and other search engines. You can connect with Tectera Sri Lanka, which has engraved out a niche of its own by overseeing successful SEO campaigns for a huge number of e-commerce businesses.

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#6 Cumbersome Check-Out Processes

It is often understood that e-commerce websites host many abandoned carts. And the fundamental reason in most of the cases is—a complex check-out procedure. Quite reasonably, visitors tend to give up their procurements at the last phases due to the frustration arising out of the problems associated with the check-out process.

So, keep the check-out process as guileless as possible. One of the finest ways of enabling the check-out procedure is to remove the essential for the clienteles to register themselves beforehand buying.

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#7 No Brand Image

If you are underneath the impression that your products will get sold as of their quality alone, you are wrong. You need to enrich a strong brand identity for your online store so that customers get involved and become loyal customers.

Based on your market research, you would be able to realise what values your would-be clienteles look for and sum out how you would send messages to them in sync with their desires. Your standards must be discernible in your content, branding, and marketing.

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# 8 Slow Loading Website

If you did not enhance your website to load quickly, it will breakdown your business. Customers do not like websites that take a long time to load. According to a survey, 47% of online customers think an e-commerce website to load in less than two secs. If your website takes too much time to load, customers are probable to abandon it. So, enhance your website to load quickly.

You also should comprise a Call to Action (CTA) on every page of your e-commerce website to send the message to the customer to make an action instantly. Having a CTA will support you not to miss out on a vending opportunity.

You shall envoi the job of optimizing your e-commerce website to Tectera, which has a team of skilled eCommerce developers to achieve your task to the best of your gratification.

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# 9 Ignoring Customer Service

If you stop to correctly service your clientele, then the probability of them recurring to your website is doubtful. With the huge volume of trades happening over your e-commerce website every day, you are dishonest to disremembering the clienteles who make procurements. It is needless to say that clienteles are likely to reappearance to your website only if they experience good involvement. So, assure that you construct up some sort of communication channels with them, such as live chat, email or phone support.

At the same time, give plenty of time to observer the social media posts and reviews related to your trade. And be lively on social media.

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#10 Not Having an Email List

Email marketing is a great way to get clientele. So, you necessity to have a list of emails of potential clientele to whom you must frequently send updates on your online business contributions.

Many eCommerce business proprietors tend to ignore the idea, frequently disremembering that the subscribers could become the best clienteles.

Send emails to your subscribers endorsing your goods and apprising them of superior offers to entice them to do consumptions.


Today we have discussed the Critical eCommerce Mistakes to Avoid. Possibly the finest way to stay forward of your rivals is to delegate the task of maintaining your e-commerce website to Tectera Sri Lanka. With enthusiastic and capable professionals, Tectera can claim of running successful e-commerce projects for numerous years, involving clients’ happiness. Why do you not leverage our knowledge?